Pros and Cons of having a Private Instagram Account


Instagram is known to be the best photo sharing app known to mankind since it was established. Now, more than 300 million people are using Instagram and you should not neglect that fact. You can set your instagram account to public, where everyone, even those you know nothing of, can see and view the photos and videos you share, and private where you get to choose who can view the things you share on Instagram.

Private Instagram Account

Pros of having a Private Instagram Account                             

1. Personal Security

In the past months, we are hearing news that people are getting stalked, people are getting threats, and other things like that because they are followed by people from Instagram that they do not know. By setting your account in private, you get the chance and option to choose who gets to see the things you share on Instagram. New followers must be accepted by only YOU and no one else when your account is set in private.

2. No Social Media Exposure

By setting your account in private, you would not be exposed to having a lot of puppies behind your tail – you would not have to worry about a lot of people commenting, sharing, or admiring your photos; especially those you do not know. You get to choose who and how people are going to treat you when you set your account in private.

3. Helps you get rid of scammers and bogus people

If you own an online shop, setting your account in private would definitely help you categorize those who are real from those who are not – real in a way that they would really do transactions with you and not just steal or leave you off the hook.

Setting your instagram account in private is good if you do not want to be known, at all. It is good if you just want to enjoy the freedom of seeing photos on a regular basis, if you want to be entertained by what the world of Instagram has to offer.

Cons of having a Private Instagram Account

1. It makes you a hidden shell in the Instagram world

Not only that people would not be able to see through your photos, but people would not also see hashtags that you have made if they are not in the first place following you. You will lack the chance to gain more followers and admirers if you decide to set your account in private.

2. People would not know about you

Since your photos would not be featured and since you get to choose who sees you, it would make people unaware that there is someone like you lingering around the world of Instagram. You will lack followers, you will gain likes like how you just gain it, and other people would not be able to see you before they follow you.

If you have a business or a product that you want to endorse, setting the account in private is not the best idea if you are just beginning or gaining people who will patronize what you do. However, setting it in private will definitely help you secure and keep safe all of the things that you do around Instagram.

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