Bluetooth Myths That Turn Out to be False


Bluetooth has been with us even before our high-tech smartphones came and it was used to pass on information from one source to another. Before Bluetooth, infrared was our way to do so but technology kept on improving and here we are with Bluetooth now. There are certain myths about it that are probably still bothering us now. Worry no more because I will be revealing Bluetooth myths that are in no way true.

It interferes with Wi-fi

A lot of people still get strained by this proposition. Having your Bluetooth on won’t make your wi-fi function properly? Or vice versa? This statement was and will never be true. Bluetooth uses adaptive frequency hopping; the 2.4GHz frequency is a band that goes from 2, 400 MHz to 2, 483.5 MHz. It uses two (2) channels making the signal kind of hop from free frequency to another. It is in no way going to affect your connection or your internet speed.

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Bluetooth drains battery life

All throughout its existence, it is believed that turning on the Bluetooth will drain your battery life much faster. In the early stages of smartphones, yes, it does make a huge impact on your battery life because it is on. While it is on, it will search for devices that are also Bluetooth enabled for it to pair. But with our technology now, you can now forget it. With the new Bluetooth standards with version 4 and beyond, there is something that we call Low Energy (LE) module.

This enables your Bluetooth to stop and ask permission when it senses another Bluetooth. It lowered the power consumption of Bluetooth to more than 50% in the last couple of years.

It can be dangerous to your health

Even now, there are no legitimate reasons and proof that smartphones can be critical to people’s health. However, Bluetooth headphones and earphones are much better than the regular ones. Since there are news about smartphones erupting or it being dangerous to our health, Bluetooth headsets makes everything safer because it keeps the smartphone from a distance. You do not have to worry about a chord that might get broken, use Bluetooth headphones and earphones for your own safety as well.

It won’t function well if you are in a big room

This is false because little do most people know, Bluetooth actually has three (3) classes:

  • Class 1 – devices have ranges of around 100 meters
  • Class 2 – devices have ranges of around 10 meters
  • Class 3 – devices have ranges of less than 10 meters.

Class 1 mostly often comes in devices that have their own power source or power unit like desktop computers, high-quality speakers, and so on. Smartphones use Bluetooth classes 2 or 3. But, 10 meters is a big number, it can actually work even if you are on one room and the other device is in the other room so, say goodbye to the myth.

The Bluetooth is a wonderful innovation because it brings information to people with ease. As long as both devices have Bluetooth compatibility, there is no question as to whether it will work or not. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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