Innovation on Exercise Bicycle


Innovation has never been so promising since the technological revolution. The global community is competing to come up with ideas that will be the next trendsetter and gives promises to keep everybody on its feet to capitalize on the consumer who are always in the forefront of the latest gadgets, consumer products that will give them the experience to the next level.

Since in the 80’s the technology gave us the first computing machine, we had our first compact disc as well as tape recorder, cellphones sizes are bigger than your regular flat iron and 20 years after everything become smarter. This is what innovation is all about.

They say that health is wealth, so regardless which part of the planet we lived in, staying fit and healthy, eating the right diet to keep ourselves physically healthy is something that we owe to ourselves, thus, need to include in our day-to-day routine. It’s all about the experience as well as the benefits we gain from the products. It can be convenience or healthy lifestyle, while others can call it sheer trend.

The exercise bike has, for years, been one of the most boring and unattractive pieces of cardio equipment. In the fitness arena, there are also developments that is happening daily, but since it is a lifestyle driven majority of the Philippine consumer were not aware of it or maybe too preoccupied with the conventional equipment’s that we have gotten accustomed with.

In the exercise bicycle category I will review the latest innovation as well as the medical research results and compare with other workout that we normally do let say in a gym or simply running.

The Me Mover Fit

Me-Mover Fit
courtesy of Me Mover

Initially you would think of it as a cross between your regular scooters except it has a pedal. The Me-Mover is a brand new Danish invention, a step bike on three wheels.

It is a kind of green and healthy segway and simply great fun. Its flexible construction provides a dynamic flow and it quickly feels as a natural extension of your body. I had a chance to chat with the Me-Mover inventor himself Jonas Eliasson, who has been working on it for years.

The medical research team claims that Me Mover Fit gives the same intensity of running but you can load more muscles, you upper, lower, back muscles as well as shoulder and forearms. The Me Mover provides a means of exercising that does not result in sudden impact stress on your knee and hip joints. Further medical research reveals that it also using a lot of core body muscles to maintain the balance and posture while riding on it.

Innovation on Exercise Bicycle
courtesy of Me Mover

These what makes the Me Mover fit more exciting compared to running or cycling because of the total workout that you can get, aside from the fun feeling of moving to the environment, weaving back and forth with your Me Mover can be both healthy and environment friendly. Since we are in the age of social media get that selfie with family and friends.

Me Mover - Bicycle inovation
courtesy of Me Mover

I remember the time when I was a kid riding on my 3-wheel bike. Now kids age 10 years and above can still have that feel while drive this trendy Me-Mover due to its three wheels, you can go very slow and even come to a halt without getting off, as you would on a regular bike. In an upright standing position you have a better orientation and perception of the space and place and traffic around you.

It will be a good summer activity that grandparents could enjoy and who knows it can help reduced the congested traffic in major cities if everybody will start to bike.

Rules to Ride Safely

  • Know and Obey Local Road Laws
  • Wear Safety Gear
  • Make Sure You Are Clearly Visible
  • Minimum and Maximum Load
  • Think About Safety When You Ride
Innovation on Exercise Bicycle
courtesy of Me Mover

Whatever personal goals we had in mind, either to help the reduction of carbon dioxide emission and promote awareness on climate change, or to have that muscle definition and chiseled abs for the coming beach party, or simply cruising around the neighborhood, there will always be new products to look forward to just came out from the drawing board. These can make our lives a lot even better.

Innovation is irreversible and we just need to be on the prowl and keep an open mind. Keep riding, be safe and have fun.

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