Facebook is the most popular networking sites nowadays with over one billion registered users worldwide and counting, many users are looking for some tips and guides how to use this website or mobile apps. And this is a Collection of simple tips and tutorials that can help Facebook user make the most out of it.
How to upload picture on FB

How to Upload Photos or Pictures on Facebook using PC or Mac

Sharing pictures with your family and friends is easier than before. The availability of the internet and the social... Read more
how to make facebook custom URL

How to Personalize Facebook URL

Facebook is now allowing their users to personalize the URL of their Facebook profiles and pages with Facebook usernames.... Read more
How to block FB friends from posting

Facebook: How to Block Friends from Posting on your Wall using PC, Tablet or...

By default Facebook settings, your friends can post anything on your wall, but sometimes if you have so many... Read more
how to setup Facebook video call on mac

How to setup Facebook video call on Mac browsers

A while ago, my friends wanted to video call with me using Facebook, I'm not usually used Facebook to... Read more

How to use Chikka Messenger on Facebook

Chikka messenger is one of the most popular free text messaging service to the Filipinos around the world, it... Read more
How to embed facebook Video

How to embed Facebook Video

If you have a video or you saw a good video on Facebook that you want to feature on... Read more
How to add Facebook Security

How to Add Security to Facebook Account

Today, millions of people surfing the internet, all has their own purpose, some good others are bad, if you... Read more

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