Get Free Load for Globe, TM, Smart, SUN and TNT Subscribers (Know-How)


Getting free load sounds enticing to the ears, right? Admittedly, we are all a fancy of free stuffs. Perhaps, this is the reason we often fall into scams. We tend to forget introspection and get easily swayed. 

Hence, here, we are going to talk about ways to get free load without spending any amount of money. You just need few clicks from your keyboard, enough time and effort, and a free cellphone load is rest assured for you. 

Let’s set aside those websites and mobile apps that all sounds promising at first but charge you with hidden fees at the end. What are you waiting for? Let’s not dilly-dally and get down the lists! 

1. Free Load from GCash

By signing up through this link  [ref] GCash will give you a P50 freebies. The amount you will receive in your wallet can be used to purchase prepaid load for Globe, Smart, TNT, TM and Sun. 

Make sure to sign up using the link provided and get verified to get the P50 within 5 working days. The link will redirect you to the browser where you can register for your free GCash account. However, in order to redeem your freeload and enjoy the privilege of GCash wallet you will need to install the app to your device. 

You can also take advantage of its referral system. All you have to do is send your unique referral link (via Messenger, SMS, etc) to your friends and have them sign up and get verified in GCash. That will both earn you a P50. 

2. Free Load from PayMaya

Akin to GCash, PayMaya has almost the same referral system. Although, there’s no referral links in PayMaya, you will also need to sign up by downloading the app from the Google Play and App Store. After launching the app, you may click the “Register” button and complete your personal details. 

Just like in GCash, you will need an invite code and get upgraded in PayMaya in order for you to get the P50 which you can used to purchase load for Smart, Globe, TM, TNT and Sun in the PayMaya app.

3. Free Load from is a mobile wallet which can also be a source of free cash that can be redeemed for load. Again, all you have to do is sign up and get your account verified by providing your ID accompanied by a selfie.

Use this referral code/link to get Php 50 in your account.

  • Referral link –> Click here
  • Referral Code –> hl4dsm

Log in to your account after signing up to get the P50. You can sign in on their website or through their mobile app. Your free P50 can be used to purchase load for Globe, Smart, TNT, Sun and TM. 

Also, you can invite your friends to use You may send them your referral code through Messenger, SMS or websites. That will earn you P50 pesos if they sign up and verify their account.

4. Free Load from DiskarTech

DiskarTech is a similar app which is currently paving its way in the local fintech and evidently suited to most Filipinos since it uses Tagalog language. Surely, parking your money with DiskarTech can earn you a good passive income with high interest of 3.5% annually, technically favorable than other banks. 

On the other hand, you can also get a free P10 in DiskarTech upon signing up and verifying your account using an invite code. You may download its app from the Google Play and App Store. 

Thus, make the most out of it by inviting your friends to use DiskarTech app. You just have to let them sign up using your DiskarTech NegosyanTech invite code and earn P30. After earning from the referrals, you can use the amount to purchase prepaid load on the app or transfer it to lists of e-wallets such as GCash.

5. Free Load From Shopee

Well, this requires a teensy bit of effort since you will have to frequently open your Shopee app and earn coins as many as you can. Those Shopee coins can be used to purchase load on the app and Shopee website. If you don’t have an account you can signup using my referral link and you get P50 off on your first order.

To earn Shopee coins, you need to open the app and proceed to the “My Shopee Coins” in your screen. Earn coins when you do several tasks such as opening daily or hourly prizes or playing games as well as cashbacks when you purchase in Shopee. 

Actually, you can also earn Shopee coins when you invite your friends to use Shopee. You may send them your unique referral code which may earn you 50 coins upon them using their referral voucher code. Also, your friend will receive P100 off with their first order. 

After earning enough coins, you can use them to purchase load in Shopee. Toggle the button on your checkout screen to redeem coins. 1 Shopee coin costs P1 which will be deducted from your total payment. 

To wrap it all up, in order to get free load for Globe, Smart, TNT or TM, you really have to put an ample amount of work. This is way better than those too-good-to be true scummy apps and websites, yes? 

Plus, I can attest how my friend received a Samsung A12 cellphone and Samsung ear buds just by planting seeds on the Shopee farm. Yes, there are many ways to accumulate prizes in Shopee if you’ll just look closely to it. Happy earnings! 

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