How to Change Facebook Primary Email

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Another way to make your Facebook account secured is to change the primary email. Although Facebook provided some useful tool like code generator which generate pin that you need to enter everytime you use your account in unknown device.

Enabling this security feature in Facebook is easy, if you have a mobile device or smartphone, you can simply add your mobile number or install the Facebook application. Complete tutorial found in my previous article how to add security to Facebook account.

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Changing primary email from time to time and adding a second layer security using the methods I mention above can save you from people wanting to get access to your account.

To Change Facebook Primary Email follow these steps

  1. While login to your Facebook account, go to general settings or click this link ( to change Facebook primary email step 1
  2. On the general settings page, click on the “Edit” link in Email to change Facebook primary email step 2
  3. It will reveal the option where you can add or change email. Click on “add another email or mobile number link” to add the email that you want to make your primary email in Facebook, make sure that the email is to change Facebook primary email step 3
  4. A small window will popup, enter your email then click to change Facebook primary email step 4
  5. Your email has been added, but you need to confirm the email to make sure it is to change Facebook primary email step 5
  6. Login to your email and look for the Facebook verification email.How to change Facebook primary email step 6
  7. Inside the verification email, click on the link to verify your to change Facebook primary email step 7
  8. Upon clicking the link, it will take you to the Facebook general settings page, but you will notice that the primary email has already changed to the email you recently to change Facebook primary email step 8

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