Planning To Work Abroad? Here Are Some Qualities You Need To Possess To Ensure A Good Experience


Working in a different country may seem difficult for some.  But, the rewards that come with it will surely pay it all off.  One thing Filipinos need to think of if they’re planning to work abroad is their peers.  You will need to cope with different nationalities and different cultures.  Furthermore, you need to be understanding of how they live their lives in their respective countries.  You don’t need to be a psychologist or some sort to do this.  However, your own personal qualities can play a relevant role to this.  In relation to that, there is a big chance that your superior is a foreigner.

Prior to working abroad, you need to ensure that you have these certain qualities to rid yourself off of trouble; trouble from your work, trouble with different people, and your personal worries. These qualities do not only apply if you’re planning to work abroad. It also applies if you’re having a job for the first time.  So, here are seven qualities every employee must have.

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Being punctual

Although being present is a direct expectation of a company from its employees, some forget that this dictates what type of person an employee is.  Ensure that you arrive at your working place an hour or thirty minutes before your schedule.  Why is that so?  This is to show your employer that you care about your job and that you’re taking care of it.

Be polite


Given the fact that your co-workers were not your college friends, being polite is the best way to go.  If you’re planning to work in a different country, you better practice being polite because you might get yourself into trouble.  There are cultures that take things in many different ways – be sure to look it up.

Be trustworthy and honest


If you’re not aware, the value of trust is incomparable to any monetary value.  You cannot pay for it, you cannot buy it.  And how do you get this? – You earn it.  Build trust from your boss and who knows, maybe in a few years time, he’ll trust you enough that he’ll give his responsibilities to you.  Also, be honest.  It’s normal to commit mistakes every now and then; what’s not normal is not taking the blame.  Avoid pointing fingers because these can lead to your boss and co-workers not trusting you.  The very moment you signed the contract, you should keep your loyalty to the company. If you want to be an OFW, this is one of the traits you need to possess.

Work smart, not hard

Yes, working smart is different from working hard.  But in order for you to work smart, you need to undergo the phase of working hard first.  Dedicate what you professionally have for your job.  If you find ways on how to execute it easier and faster, then you’ve worked smart.  Always remember that an employer sees the good and bad in you; show them the best you got and everything else will follow.

Teamwork but mind your own business


This actually is one of the qualities that separate the good from the excellent.  Yes, some people function best when they’re alone but two heads are always better than one.  You have your team, utilize them accordingly; do not own everything because that can put a heavy burden above your shoulder.  It can lead to stress, fatigue, and even to an unenthusiastic flow.  Work as a team in your professional life but stray your personal life away from it.  Always keep in mind that your personal life does not have to do anything with your professional career; divide it.

Time Management

Time Management

There would be pages in our lives where we  would feel that time was never in our favor.  Deadlines, schedules, social life, family, they can storm down on you all at once.  Proper time management is the key. Everyday, organize and strategize how you would play your day. Have a planner or a calendar that would track all activities you are going to undergo.  Sometimes, bosses (especially foreign employers) test their employees through pressure and time.  If you’ve learned time management from before, then these tests won’t shake you anymore.

Inspire others


Probably the best quality everyone can have; if everything above is combined then you can surely execute this.  We can’t avoid times where we feel unenthusiastic about our jobs; hell it happens to most of us everyday.  But that does not mean we’ll give up, motivate yourself by motivating others.  Do not let boredom, stress, fatigue, ruin you and what you’ve built.  Teach others that feeling this is a normal part of anything; that it is not wrong to feel this way at times.

You might think that these things are pretty basic and that you already have them.  Believe me when I say that these things are often the most forgotten things by most employees.  The basics still matter, you know and to be straightforward, they’re the most important ones.

Good qualities are qualities that are self-learned.

SKILL can be TAUGHT but, your work ATTITUDE cannot be improved by ANYONE else but YOURSELF.

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