5 Ways to Clean your Hard Disk Space for Windows


As we enter a higher-technological generation, hard disks and storages are getting bigger and bigger as well. But the problem does not seem to be in the spaces themselves because no matter how big a drive is, it tends to be full and it tends to run slower than the usual. If you are the type of person who yearns to keep a drive cool and smooth, then this article will be exceptional for you because these tricks can help you free up space from your Hard Disk.

Run Disk CleanUp

Probably one of the things that most people would do is to run the disk cleanup in order for their devices to run smoother. Disk Cleanup is a built-in tool in Windows that delete temporary files and other unimportant data.

In order to access this, you can right-click on the drive you want to cleanup or you can access it from the start menu. From the disk cleanup prompt, you can then see the available memory you can free up if you decide to have your disk cleaned up; you can select the type of files you can clean up.

Analyze Disk Space

There are programs that can track memory usage and can tell what programs or applications eat up most of the space n your drives. These applications scan your drives to check what files, even folders are taking up the most space.

In a previous article, we relayed to you essential programs and applications for your PC and one of it is WinDirStat, right? If you can remember, WinDirStat is an application that can track storage and can check processes for you. Use WinDirStat to know what files are taking up the most space. After that, ensure that the files are not important program files so you won’t have a problem with your PC – delete the files after that. The program is really essential especially if you know how to use it.

Find files that have been duplicated

File duplications happen more than you know it does. I am pretty certain that there are duplicate files somewhere in your drive; may it be a large video file, audio file, an application, etc. Be sure to run a check on all of your files and delete unnecessary duplicate files that are doing nothing but just eating up your storage space.

However, there are applications which can help you find duplicate photos and delete them automatically. Like the Duplicate Cleaner Pro which is a paid program which can help you find not only duplicate photos but other files as well.

Manually clean up your files

If you are extremely keen with your storage space, then you can also manually delete and clean up unwanted and unused files to clean up some space for you. One good tip is to check your Downloads folder. Right-click the folder first and check how much space it is consuming and then go and scan from there. Also, it will be helpful if you arrange the file type by size so you won’t have a hard time finding massive data content.

Clean up Temporary Files

Having the Disk Cleanup work is actually a good thing but it does not clean up temporary files such as browser cache, and program cache. Another program you can use to cleanup up to gigabytes of stored cache is CCleaner. CCleaner is an application that you can use to trash temporary files and to help you free up space in every corner of your PC.

It frees up space from a variety of third-party programs and can clean up places where your good ‘ole Disk Cleanup wouldn’t even notice.

Freeing up your hard disk is an issue because it can greatly affect your productivity and even your mood. Ensure that your device is working smoothly so you can avoid going through the hassle of formatting it over and over again. These tricks are made and are found to help other users with their problems in storage issues and I hope we were able to address that concern.

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