QualiTest Confirms That UC Browser Downloads Faster Than Other Mobile Browsers


Having trouble downloading with your Android browser? Look no further because QualiTest has the perfect solution for you.

The independent software testing company put the UC Browser to the test and they found out that it is way faster than Chrome and Opera Mini when it comes to downloading performance.

During the test, the latest browsers were pitted against each other namely Google Chrome 38, Opera Mini 7.6, and UC Browser 10.0. Different file sizes were downloaded using a Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 smartphone while utilizing the 2G, 3G, and WiFi networks.

As mentioned earlier, UC Browser came out on top of its competitors, outperforming the two other browsers in download speed.

Here’s how the three browsers performed during the download test:

Fastest android mobile browser

The Secret Behind UC Browser’s Outstanding Performance

So what’s the secret behind UC browser’s impressive downloading capabilities? According to the UCWeb Inc, the company behind the browser, their edge largely depends on cloud technology. Leveraging on this technology allows them to download faster and perform well as a browsing tool as well.

UC Browser uses segmented file transfer and multi-threaded downloading to divide a downloaded file into several parts and then downloading all those parts at the same time using various channels. This makes it possible for the user to experience a stress-free downloading experience regardless of the utilized network. On top of that, the wonderful browser also made improvements to its capacities to write files on storage.

Here’s how UC Browser’s downloading process works:

Fastest android mobile browser how it works

If that’s not impressive enough for you, you also have to know that UC Browser can handle simultaneous downloading, plus it is also capable of automatic reconnection just in case you encounter unexpected interruptions while downloading your files – which is really awesome. You wouldn’t have to start from scratch again if you experience any hassle.

Philippine Users Also Love Using UC Browser

UC Browser also took the time to examine their statistics and reports which led them to the discovery that yes, countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia love utilizing their browser.

In our country, everyone really loves downloading as it gives us quick access to entertainment, work, and personal files. The company’s stats indicated that the average user in the Philippines downloads at least 6 files online each day.

This is perfectly understandable considering that premium data services from network providers are often too expensive and so users prefer downloading music and other files with the use of browsers. By comparison, downloaded multi-media files can be played or used at any given time – even with or without internet. It is also much easier to share with friends and colleagues.

If you want to test UC Browser on your Android mobile, you can download it on Play Store for free.

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