Telecom Sector Expects Increased Business by Servicing Navigation System in Mobiles


Dating back to Columbus when he voyaged in 1492 from Spain to Bay of Bengal but ended up on a new continent: America, up till today, the navigation system has been doing wonders to the humankind.

Today we stand at a point where google maps and other smart apps are making your lives easier through GPS etc. But is that enough? If not then what exactly lies ahead in terms of the navigation system services?

Inefficient Navigation System in Automobiles

Currently around the world, especially in the developing countries, very few automobile companies provide the service of navigation system in vehicles. But they charge extra money for it and many people cannot even afford it.

Moreover, if you import a car or some other vehicle, chances are that the foreign company will not be able to fulfill the local demands if it doesn’t have the required data. Also, there is so much happening and being constructed these days that one needs an updated version after every few weeks if not every day. This is where the navigation system in sedans stand inefficient and outdated.

Urgent Need for Telecom Sector to Jump In

Telecom Sector has a huge business here if it digs into this untapped area. When there is so much market and demand for smartphones around the world, there are certain complementary demands as well.

Imagine a person who has bought a mobile phone from certain online marketplaces such as Kaymu Philippines in Manila or Widgetcity but lives in one of the country’s hinterlands. What if he needs an updated map of her hometown and fails to get one?

This is the moment where telecom sector can serve to rescue. Since many people rely on 3G or 4G network, it will be convenient for them to provide the navigation system to the customers. These kind of services definitely demands huge bandwidth and the respective telecom company can make as much money as it can out of it.

People are usually willing to pay for such outstanding and unique services happily if it promises them their desired product. So, now is the time for telecom sector to expand its businesses by providing the navigation services to its customers in mobile phones.

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