How to Change BDO ATM PIN?


Your PIN is your main point of security when accessing your account through an ATM. If you’ve been living under a rock, your PIN is a combination of numbers, usually four or six, and is added security to your banking account. If you have a debit card, then you most certainly should have a PIN. All banks that issue savings accounts require a PIN code; not just because it’s for security, it’s also for you to have the peace of mind that you’re the only person who has access to it. Banco De Oro (BDO) is one of the top banks here in our country. If you haven’t known, BDO’s ATMs are known to be intForeractive and also known for its multiple services.

Change PIN

The main question is: Can you change your BDO Debit Account PIN?

For those of you who does not have a BDO account or who hasn’t still experienced withdrawing money from the new BDO account, you might think this is a joke. Why? Because the regular process of changing your PIN is that you would have to visit a branch of your bank and do the change there. However with BDO, you can already do that in the comfort of your own time and choice!

And to answer the question, a big YES! You can definitely change your PIN using the new interactive/touch screen BDO ATM. 


So how can you change your PIN using the touch screen BDO ATM?

1. First and foremost, proceed to any BDO ATM. Ensure that the ATM is the new one (touch screen).

2. Insert your card and wait for it to be read. Oftentimes, there would be a message saying “Your card has not been read. Please try inserting your card again.” If you experience this, just wipe chip of your card and insert it again – this time it should work.

3. Once inserted, you will be opened to a lot of options. Since our goal for today is to change the PIN, tap on “Other Services.”

4. Tapping on that would prompt a small window beside it. You will see the option “PIN Change” there.

5. Now, you need to input your current PIN first. After doing so, you will be asked to type in the new PIN; also it’ll ask you to confirm it.

6. If the transaction is successful, it should read something like “Your new PIN has now been generated!” 

7. Get the transaction receipt and keep it for safety purposes.

Before, users were not allowed to change their PIN; they would have to manually visit a branch and do the transaction there. With the new touch screen ATM, you are now opened to various actions in your debit account!

Some of these would include:

For a more detailed version, click here.

BDO is continuously improving with their transaction schemes. Although they’re not only the bank that has these touch screen ATMs, the new BDO ATM would not only allow you to check your account or to withdraw, you can also do various transactions there.

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