Civil Service Exam Guide

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Passing the Civil Service is important.  However, some Filipinos find it hard to pass these exams because they find the exam lengthy and according to them, some subjects are unfamiliar because they have not tackled it in their schooling.

By observation, most people find it difficult to pass the Math and English subjects of said exams.  This is so because some questions there are not even tackled at college due to different majors students take.  High School curriculums, on the other hand, are diverse and some High Schools do not tackle them instead.  So, in order to give you an idea on what to study, here are some helpful tips:

Civil Service Exam Guide
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1. You should know the basic first before going to the complicated ones.  Since civil service exam questions are time-bounded, try to memorize multiplication and division tables because at times, you will not be allowed to use calculators nor allowed to bring cellular phones with you.  And to tell you, you will be asked to multiply and divide long problems, long enough to take away your time for other questions to answer.

2 . Since almost everyone in college pass basic algebra, algebra questions are also present in the exams. Remember these rules on Algebra:Addition:  You can only add entities with same variable coefficient.  For instance: You only can add a + 2a + 3a, thus, this equals to 6a.  A variable with no coefficient like “a” is treated as having 1 as a coefficient.So, you cannot add:  a + ab + ac.There are some cases that you have to factor out or group some coefficients and variable to enable you to add entities.  For instance:    (4a + 2b) + (2a + b).  So factor out first 4a + 2b by 2 (2a + b) in order to add 2a + b on it.  So you can add up everything now.

Multiplication:  Powers of variables are added up to get the multiplication answer while numerical coefficient is multiplied right away.  For example:   2a  (a + b) =     2 a  2     + b

Subtraction:  The same rules apply with addition but you have to remember that you can subtract right away entities with the same variables but the sign that should prevail is the bigger number among the two.  For instance:  4a – 2a = 2a.  The answer 2a has a positive sign because the bigger number 4a is positive.  On the reverse side: -4a + 2a = -2a.  The answer is negative because the bigger number 4a has a negative sign.

Division:  This is the reverse of multiplication, so subtract instead of add coefficient with same variables. For instance:    a  2  –  a= a.

3. English exam questions usually comprise of vocabulary, grammar, paragraph arrangement and a little of analyzing paragraphs.  To improve your vocabulary, just read and read strange words in English and look at the meaning in the dictionary.  There are basic grammar rules that you should know:

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Use capital letters for proper nouns and at the beginning of a sentence. Proper nouns are usually names of persons and places like Mike, Sheila, Manila, Quezon City and others.

  • For every sentence there should be one noun and one verb. Nouns are names of things, places, and animals. Verbs on the other hand are action words such as play, sing and dance;
  • If an apostrophe is needed make sure to use it to show ownership. For singular, add the apostrophe before the s and plural after the s: Example: Sheila’s, Kids’;
  • Should a line of thought require a list make sure to separate each article by a comma;
  • Make sure case and number of the subject and the verb match. It the noun is singular the verb should be singular as well. Add s on the verb if the verb is singular. Remove the s if the verb is plural.  For instance:  Maria plays; they dance;
  • When connecting two lines of thought in a sentence, use a conjunction to make things make better sense;
  • If you have two lines of thought that are similar feel free to use a semicolon to combine them;
  • A conjunction word should not be used to start a sentence;
  • Try not to use double negatives. Such as no not at all;
  • Avoid repeating lines of thought in sentences;
  • Make sure paragraphs are complete, having three to five sentences.

If you’re planning to take the exam this year here is the schedule and requirements needed in the exam.

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