Important Marketable Skills You can Learn Online

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School is important and it’s important in the context of our future relying on it. However, there are a couple of things that are not taught in school that would be needed in real-life scenarios. Skills such as budgeting, time-management, and other skills that currently have high standards in the market. The twist of this is that not all people can afford to get into a good school; a majority of people only have the capacity to finish undergraduate programs which are kind of basic, to say the least. In our time, there are a variety of marketable skills you can learn online in order for you to have that edge when it comes to job hunting.

Marketable Skills You can Learn Online
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Jobs and programs

More than half of college graduates don’t even land a job they finished. What often happens is that they get a job somewhat far from what they have finished. This leads to a backlash in the specialization field and is often looked at as a waste in education. However, with the rising and continuous improvement of the Internet and its ability to spread information, people would be able to have access to a handful of courses and programs which can be an additive to whatever they plan on doing.

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The Internet is free and it can be accessed by anyone. That being said, we can then look at some of the programs and courses as stepping stones of some people to improve and to somehow switch to the field they really excel in. So, what courses and programs are available to be read for free? What are the best, in-demand skills you can learn online?

Pros and cons of online learning

One of the main highlights of you being able to learn online is that it can be done in your time. You’re not pressured to submit anything, you feel comfortable in moving your way to the end of the course. Another thing is that you get to choose what you want to study. You won’t be dished out information you don’t want and you don’t even need. Lastly, it’s free. You don’t have to worry about you not being able to pay, about you being unable to cope with financial requirements.

However, the bright sides also have dark ones. One of which is that if you can learn online, you can also be distracted. Unless you’re sole focus is on learning a specific course of program, it’s hard to stray from online disturbances. Another thing is that since it’s for free, you might be unable to fully access and complete lessons so the information you may have might be insufficient.

Now that we’ve successfully weighed it, if you think that this one is for you, here are the best and most useful marketable skills you can learn online.

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Microsoft Office

Most people have simple and basic knowledge on how to work with Microsoft Office. However, not all have in-depth knowledge and skill about it. Knowing how to operate Microsoft Office can be of great advantage especially in the corporate world. This imposes an edge especially in making reports, presentations, documents, and corporate emailing. If you are interested in knowing more information about it or if you want to be better at it, you can visit for guides, tips, and tricks.

Software development

There are school programs which offer coding and software development but the honing and the development of this skill actually happens in your room. Just like any other skill, mastering the art of coding and development is done through practice. Fortunately, numerous online resources are available to be looked at and studied such as the MIT OpenCourseWare. This specific program offers basics to advanced courses in computer science, all for free!

In addition to that, Coursera, KhanAcademy, and Udemy are alternate resources which also offer courses and guides in computer science, software development, and also programming. You can utilize any of these so you can start practicing technological courses in the comfort of your own rooms.

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Cryptocurrency and blockchains

I’m pretty sure that if you have Internet access, you’ve either heard of or encountered the term cryptocurrency. If you haven’t, though, it’s the currency that boomed towards the end of 2017 and is now considered to be a surreal investment. Currently, cryptocurrency exceeds the needed requirement of crypto and blockchain experts in order to help the blockchain industry grow.

Blockgeeks is an example of a cryptocurrency platform where you can learn online. They can give you the basics and the most important foundation of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Coursera also offers lessons and lectures about blockchains online and you ca take advantage of adjacent programs and courses for you to learn more.


If you think that language is irrelevant, think again. It is known that learning a new language gets more difficult when you grow older. However, a lot of online material and resources are available to supply information and lessons required to learn a new language. There are now a lot of countries who require people who can translate and transcribe documents. If you’re interested, you can take language courses where you can learn online without the hassle of traveling and speaking to people.

For instance, Internet Ployglot offers a specific set of 21 different language lessons. Furthermore, DuoLingo and Busuu are smartphone apps which has had a lot of downloads for basic language learning. If you want a more advanced, and a more-immersed type of language-learning, Live Lingua is the key to it.

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Medicine and healthcare

You can actually study healthcare and medicine without going to a proper school. The only difference is that you’re not guided by a professor and an administrator. More so, the belief of you being able to enter the medicine industry with you having a doctorate degree is slowly starting to fade.

Known platforms where you can learn online includes Coursera and Khan Academy offer immersive and in-depth lessons on Science and medicine. However, they’re not going to spit out information and data on how you can become a doctor but you’ll be able to know how you can launch your career and go to the path of becoming a doctor. These lessons most usually include pharmaceutical courses, public health, and healthcare management.

If you want to have information on advanced Sciences, you have Class Central to help you with these. They pull out data and lessons from top universities in different and specific fields and help spread it. With Class Central, however, classes and courses include research, clinical statistics, and nutrition and epidemiology.

If you think that you can’t get something good online, think again. Many schools here in the Philippines now offer online platforms to learn so they have the chance to gather up information while they’re in the comfort of their own homes, offices, and other places they’re comfortable in.

Try these programs and platforms out and learn online!

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