Asia United Bank Salary Loan – How To Apply?


There would be times that we would need emergency funds. Although there are a few who keeps track of theirs, rough roads are possible which would force you to apply for a loan. We have different previous posts that guide us in applying for a salary loan. In this article, we will be giving you everything you need to know to apply for the Asia United Bank salary loan.


What is AUB’s CashHelp?

The Asia United Bank (AUB)’s CasHelp program is one way of giving employees a chance to get instant cash. Through AUB’s CashHelp, employees can apply for a multi-purpose salary loan that allows them to have access to credit. Good thing about this is that they can easily repay it through salary deduction.

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How do I know if I’m eligible for the Asia United Bank Salary Loan?

Of course, just like any other loan application, you would need a criteria to see if you’re eligible in applying for the loan. For the AUB Salary loan, you are eligible if you:

  • Are an employee with at least one (1) year of work tenurity;
  • Should be between the ages of 21 and 60 years old (needs to be under 60 years old until maturity of loan);
  • The monthly amortization of the loan you’re applying for should not exceed 25% of net monthly income; and
  • Minimum basic salary should be Php10, 000/month

If you see and think that you’re just right in applying for the loan, here are the requirements…

Requirements for Asia United Bank Salary Loan

Firstly, your company must be accredited in the list of companies that AUB supports. Other than that, required documentation would be:

  • Three (3) years Audited Financial Statement;
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration Certificate;
  • Most recent General Info Sheet; and
  • Company/Employee Profile

What are the interest rates of the AUB CashHelp Personal Salary Loan?

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To make things simpler, the AUB CashHelp loan for six (6) months to thirty-six (36) months have 0% interest rate. The interest type in addition is a monthly add-on rate. In the eligibility requirements, it was mentioned that the monthly income should not be lower than Php10, 000.00.

The minimum loan tenure is six (6) months and the maximum is thirty-six (36) months (3 years).

What are the modes of payment of the loan?

Since one of the requirements is that the employment company needs to be accredited with AUB, the mode of repayment would be salary deduction.

Say that the personal loan gets approved, how will my loan be released?

The loan will be released via Manager’s check when it gets approved.

Like other banks, the Asia United Bank Salary Loan provides a loan that is eligible for employees who work for companies accredited by AUB.

For more information about the Asia United Bank Salary Loan, you can contact them at:

Call us at (02) 470-9498 / (02) 687-0724 | (02) 631-3333 loc 885, 836, 837, 180, 181; or

You can email them at [email protected].

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