Top Tips for Windows 10 users


The most important element of any technological device of the modern day world is its operating software. Brands put a lot of effort in ensuring that after the design and modeling is done, the second most important thing which is the software is fully equipped and one of the best user experiences they can design.

This is also the process which takes the longest before any technological device has come up for sale in the market. Be it a smart phone, a tablet or a computer, the operating system plays a crucial role in making it a success.

When we talk about computers, we cannot forget to mention the name of Windows. Windows is the name which laid the foundations of the operating software in technological gadgets. Despite being the pioneers of the operating system software, Microsoft forgot the importance of it and made a huge blunder with the introduction of Windows 8.

Tips for Windows 10 users
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The biggest failure of Microsoft after their attempt to try Windows on the phone, but soon they did realize their mistake and now are on the verge of making their new software Windows 10 as big of a success as the Windows XP and Windows 7 were. Today’s blog is going to talk about several top tips that a Windows 10 users should follow to make their experience even better on the new Windows 10.

Start menu can be tweaked

With the introduction of Windows 8, the biggest shock for its users was the absence of the start menu which has always been the key element of Windows since the age of Windows 95. Users dearly missed it and Microsoft realized this was a big blunder.

In order to rectify their mistake, the company has not only brought the start menu back with Windows 10, but it is even better now. The start menu is now more fluid and flexible. You can not only tweak it with your own customization, but also play with its design by stretching or shortening its edges and display.

Tablet mode

Instead of automatically squishing your display, after connecting with a tablet device, Windows 10 gives you the power to make your own choice. You can select a tablet view from the settings if you want to switch the display of your screen to the tablet screen. This is another feature that was completely missing from the previous version of Windows and Microsoft, after realizing the importance to customize, has now brought this feature in.

Customizable desktop

Even though the desktop has some of the primary functions intact, but Windows 10 allows you to switch through different desktop displays, switch and move your applications around different themes as well as have multiple views with a press of one button.

Your personal assistant

With the name Cortana, you have your very own personal assistant. This is Microsoft’s way of making the search tool more animated and engaging. You can activate the Cortana application from either your start menu and by typing out instructions, or also use voice recognition command to activate your very own virtual personal assistant.

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