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Are you part of the population who lives by the mainstream line of Facebook and the internet? Well now, Facebook Messenger users can now enjoy the authority of receiving SMS or text messages in their messenger account. They have the option to connect their messenger accounts to their independent mobile text messages.

Just like Apple’s iMessage, Messenger also has this type of feature now wherein you can synchronize your personal messages to your own Facebook messenger app by just clicking a button.

A lot of you may be thinking “How can this be possible?” Well, messenger developers thought of a way t actually incorporate Facebook literally in your daily activities – they connected it to your SMS which means, you can actually use messenger to send SMS messages and to receive.

In order to access this, go to the Profile part of your Messenger (It is the person icon located at the top right side of the Messenger panel), from there you will see options like Username, Phone Number, etc., Find the SMS option and click on it.

Facebook SMS

Once you’re there, you will see two (2) things:

  • SMS in Messenger this option allows you to enable your SMS conversations in Messenger. Take note that enabling this feature gives you the authority to view conversations ONLY on your phone. That means that if you have your Facebook account logged in on another device, it won’t show.
  • Default SMS app this option however allows you to use the Messenger app as your Default SMS app. You can send SMS messages through messenger and receive SMS messages through it.

Facebook Messenger

These are basically the things you will see if you decide to enable it. It is pretty much alike with Apple’s iMessage but it has its own uniqueness, of course.

Some people like the feature in which case they turn it on and some really do not like it so they just ignored the new feature. Users can be pretty confused especially if they use their SMS for business that connecting it to the Messenger app can seem pretty peculiar and confusing. However, it is greatly beneficial if you are part of the population who keeps track of conversations and do not mind mixing up your Facebook “public” profile to your more private and personal one.

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As far as I know, Messenger is slowly consuming the market and it seems that it wants to take over even the telecommunication companies here and there. One thing is for certain, Facebook will keep on innovating; they will come up with brand new ideas that can turn our simple, stress-free lives into a fun, more accessible one. How do you enjoy this new feature of Messenger?

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