How to Play Chess game on Facebook Messenger

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Facebook has recently added chess game on their messenger. You can play directly on Facebook messenger whether you are using mobile app or in your browser, and you can do this while chatting.

The good thing in playing chess on Facebook messenger is that you can play with your friend wherever they are and you don’t need to setup additional application or program for your mobile or computer to run chess game.

Play Chess game on Facebook Messenger

To play chess on Facebook messenger, just open a conversation and type “@fbchess play” to start the game. To move your pieces, use standard algebraic notation and add @fbchess at the beginning of every instruction. For example, if you want to move a Pawn to square E3, type in “@fbchess Pe3”.

  • K = King
  • Q = Queen
  • B = Bishop
  • P = Pawn
  • N = Knight
  • R = Rook

Here are the basic instructions that you can use to play chess in Facebook messenger:

  • @fbchess play – start game with random colors
  • @fbchess play black/white – to pick your color
  • @fbchess draw claim – claim draw
  • @fbchess draw offer – offer a draw in current position
  • @fbchess undo – offer an undo of the last move
  • @fbchess resign – to resign the game
  • @fbchess show – to show current position
  • @fbchess stats – to show stats between current players
  • @fbchess help – for complete instructions

If you want to move specific piece you can add the file location of the piece, for example, if you want to move the knight in the B file to square C3 you will type “Nbc3”. To take a  piece use a command “x”, example “B2xc5” to take on C5 with the second rank bishop. Use “=” command to promote a pawn into a queen (e.g. e8=Q); and 0-0-0 to castle.

Go ahead, open a conversation with your Facebook friends and challenge them to play chess. I know that the commands are a little bit confusing for the beginners, but you get used to it in frequent play.

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