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Online courses are sessions or learning opportunities that people can take for them to be able to learn or develop new skills; not only that, these courses can also enhance and improve skills that you already have.

Free Online Courses Everyone Can Try to Take
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Using online courses can be efficiently used for a number of purposes. It could be for people who are finding a job; for business purposes; for teaching, literally whatever that requires specific sets of skills.

Here in the country, the taking of online courses isn’t that popular. Why? Because many people believe that when they’re online, they won’t be much productive. Nevertheless, some institutions still give out online courses and free online courses for people who are interested.

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Which institutions give free online courses?

A number of well-known and reliable institutions provide free online courses. However, the most popular would be the Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA).

TESDA has been known to be one of the primary providers of high-quality and reliable technical skills and development training for Filipinos.

If you aren’t aware, TESDA gives free online courses that anyone interested can take.

What free online courses does TESDA offer?

If you really want to learn, availing the TESDA online program could be the best choice for you. They offer a variety of free online courses that range from cooking, electronics to Information Technology (I.T.) and entrepreneurship.

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Without further ado, here are some of the best free online courses TESDA offer.

Bread and Pastry Production NC II

Do you have plans on setting up a bakery? Have you ever dreamed of opening a pastry business for yourself or any type of business in the same field?

If so, then the Bread and Pastry Production free online course is the one for you! Taking this course will literally teach you the skills and whatever you need in pastry from preparation, decoration, baking, even presentation.

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Cookery NC II

If pastry is not your thing; is it cooking? Have you ever thought of starting a food business or in the restaurant set-up? The Cookery NC II is part of the free online courses that TESDA is offering.

Taking up the cookery NC II course is for people who wish to work as a cook, or to start up a food business. What this online course will teach you is a preparation of a variety of dishes; presentations, and even when and where it’s going to be effective.

Massage Therapy NC II

Ever considered starting your own spa? Or at least to be a massage therapist? If so, then TESDA offers free training and online course for massage therapists.

In this course, people will be taught the basics of different massages such as Swedish, Thai, and Shiatsu; these are the common services that are offered in spas here in the country.

Personal Finance

This is one thing that is not taught in school but this one seems to be one of the most important parts of life in general. It may seem unimportant, but it really is something serious.

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People who would like to have a better sense of financial independence and money management are the ones who are more than welcome for this free online course. The course has various modules and lessons on financial goal-setting, debt management, investing, and even too few tricks on saving.

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Taking this course and learning it by heart can actually help you achieve your goal of living within your means; which will result in you being financially free.

SMART Technopreneurship 101

Are you interested to start a technology-based business-like device repair or network management? Do you ever dream to establish a technological company? If your answer to those two (2) questions is yes, then the SMART Technopreneurship 101 is the perfect online course for you. 

This course will allow you to gain particular and significant skills and knowledge needed t set-up a tech-based company. A bonus in this course is that it’ll help you build the foundations of your future enterprise.

Introduction to Public Speaking

Are you the type of person who is shy whenever you are required to present your ideas or your innovation? If you think that it is time to overcome that fear, then this free course if fit for you.

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Unlike the free online courses above, this one is straight from a web-based learning platform founded by the Harvard University and Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT); and it is edX.

Other than the public speaking free online course, there are a ton of free courses for both students and professionals. One of the downsides of this is that completing the course won’t provide you a certificate.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal and Professional Productivity

Time management is the single most difficult thing the majority of adults are having problems with. It is indeed one of the most difficult tasks not just at work, but also at home.

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If you think you need a better sense and knowledge of time management, then this course if the one you are in dire need of. Similar to the free online course above, this is not provided by TESDA. It is, on the other hand, developed by Coursera.

Other than the Time Management and Productivity course, Coursera has a lot of courses from time management, to goal setting and delegation. You get an electronic certificate should you finish a particular online course; then you can use it by printing it or by adding it to your professional profile.

Multiply your productivity 10 times today

Do you ever see yourself as someone who is unproductive? Have you ever thought to yourself that hey, I need to start working more? If you’re lost and you need guidance, don’t worry, it’s for free.

This productivity course is freely offered by Udemy and can help you maximize both your time and your productivity, after taking it.

Make Money From Home: Build an Online Business

Similar to the course above, this free online course is offered by Udemy and it can be of aid if you are itching to start your own business online.

This business course is perfect as it will take you on a step-by-step guide on how you can build blogs and websites using WordPress on your own, personal domain.

If you aren’t aware, these types of websites can earn you somewhere around $500 to $700 which is equivalent to P25,000.00 to P35,000.00 on a monthly basis.

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Funding your business

Are you a frustrated entrepreneur who is looking to start a business? Have you ever been so stressed with the fact that you need support in funding it? Well, if you’ve unfortunately answered yes to the questions above, this course by Future Learn might just be the one for you.

This free online business course will teach you the different ways on how you can finance your business to continue operations. From different techniques to a couple of tricks such as bank loans, finding investors, or getting it from your personal savings, it really is a big help to all starting entrepreneurs.

How to Build a Startup

This free online course is tailor-fit for people who have an idea of what he or she wants but does not have enough resources to do so. With this free course from Udacity, it’s going to unravel some of the techniques on what you need to get started.

How can I build a successful startup company? What do I need? How long must I wait for it to be effective? All of these questions are going to be answered if you take this business online course.

Intro to HTML and CSS

If you’re into technology and programming, then you probably know how much money programmers make. Should you have any bit of interest in it, we suggest that you take this free programming online course from Udacity.

This free programming and web development course are perfect for those who want a head start in programming. The course doesn’t care whether you’re a beginner or if you have knowledge about it; it will teach you the foundation of web development and the basics of programming.

Introduction to Programming with Java

This free programming course from Udemy is perfect for beginners to intermediate-level web developers who want to know more about Java (tips, tricks, and techniques).

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Taking this course can add up to the arsenal of skills you currently have on web development competencies. People who will be able to finish the course will be given a Certificate of Completion, a digital one.

Web Development Using CSS3 and HTML5

Have you ever caught interest in the basics of web development that is front-end? Did you, by any chance, think that you could be working in the programming industry?

Well, TESDA was able to finalize a partnership with Google Inc. via this online web development course. This free online course will allow learners to know the basics and foundations of programming languages like HTML5 and CSS3. Then, these can be used to build and corporate and professional applications and websites.

Yes, it’s surreal, if you have a stable internet connection, you can actually take up a free online course about whatever you wish to. From basic small business building to programming and even the financial industry.

What are you waiting for? Apply now and start learning!

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