6 Surefire Ways to Boost Morale in the Workplace


The happier your employees are when working, the more engaged they will be with this work and so the more they will inevitably achieve during office hours. Judging from one study highlighted by The Enterprise World, satisfied employees can also be 24% more productive employees.

It can take just a few simple steps for you to inspire increased morale in your recruits. Here are a few examples of things you could do…

1. Give your employees alternative working options where possible 

Of course, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have grown accustomed to working from home (WFH). However, regardless of your particular stance on whether socially-distancing working practices are still necessary, you could continue to leave WFH as an option for your workers.

Similarly, you could offer them flexible working, where they would be able to work such unconventional hours as evenings and weekends in exchange for a better work-life balance — as working parents could especially appreciate.

2. Make the office a truly pleasant environment 

An article for Small Biz Viewpoints advocates a “well-lit, clean and cheery office”, adding that you could “reward your employees for their work by providing them with comfortable seating and ergonomically-designed workstations.”

Other possibilities suggested include displaying “a few potted plants” in the office and hanging “artwork on the wall that will get any creative energy flowing.”

3. Outsource boring tasks 

Of course, different members of your workforce could have different ideas about which of the tasks assigned in the office are tedious— but inputting data, filling envelopes and keeping on top of software updates could all easily fall into this category.

Hence, you shouldn’t be afraid to outsource such responsibilities to other companies that specialize in such potentially time-draining responsibilities.

4. Encourage your staff to physically exercise more often 

According to an article published by St. Louis Business Journal, fitter employees also benefit from improved productivity and morale. Furthermore, you might not have realized that 65% of employees have reported their willingness to engage in more physical activity if they received employee rewards for doing so.

These rewards could provide these workers with the financial relief they need in order to, say, sign up for a gym membership or buy a fitness tracker.

5. Incentivize your employees to work harder 

This ties in somewhat with the previous point, as the rewards you offer your employees for above-par performance don’t necessarily all have to be strictly fitness-related.

With 61% of employees reckoning that they would benefit from life insurance rewarding healthy living, you could gently nudge your workers towards taking up diets higher in nutritional value.

6. Compliment your workers when they do excel  

Working harder begets more praise, which then inspires further productivity, thereby reaping even more praise… and so on. That’s generally how it should work, anyway — but, as an employer, you do need to remember to acknowledge to your workers when they go beyond the call of duty.

Otherwise, dissatisfaction could too easily set in amongst a number of your employees — potentially even leading them to consider leaving the company.

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