Things you can do with your old laptop

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With the fast approaching new and advanced technologies, we cannot resist to be a part of it. From smartphones, tablets, to laptops and PCs, it is absolutely a way of rewarding yourself how you want your experience to be better. There are instances when we feel the need or the want to replace our laptops. Getting a new one does not necessarily mean that you have to throw away your old one. Here are a few things that you can do with your old laptop.

Mount it on a wall for house purposes

If you plan on not doing anything else with your old laptop, mount it on a wall for it to be a digital recipe cookbook, a picture frame of moving pictures, or even an exercise companion for you where you can have your routines listed on the laptop. You can also use it as a furniture design, create and download awesome and cool screensavers for a kind of attraction in the house.

If you have a glass living room table, you can go and install it there for a tremendous and creative experience for people who pay you a visit.

Experiment with it

Research on what you can do with your spare parts. For example, the fans inside it can be a great desk fan; you just need a few tweaks and a few items to make it work. Make your inner-scientist work and have your way with it. Educating yourself as regards your laptop can save you from paying Php5, 000+ in repair the next time you have your new laptops broken.

Donate it to public schools

There are a lot of schools that do not own or are experiencing scarcity in laptops and technology. One of the best things that you can do with it is to donate it to them. Even those people who you know and think that are needy of the material; give it to them without expecting anything in return. Giving back is a way of blessing other people so pass it on.

Make money with it

Sell it even if it is broken

If for an instance the LCD of your laptop is broken but the motherboard and drives are up and working, you can sell it. There are people who are in need of spare parts for their own purposes so you might as well make money with it. You can sell it online, advertise it online, or sell it to friends and family that you know needs these kinds of things.

Dismantle it and sell its parts

You can sort of dig up pieces of your laptop and sell its parts. If you decide to go on with this, you are in a win-win situation because you will be knowledgeable in laptops and you will earn money.

Create a hard drive

If it is broken and you think there is no other purpose for it, why not make a hard drive out of it? Format the drives, take them out and make yourself a nice and almost new-looking device to save your files into.

There are a lot of things you can do with your old laptops even if you are not a geek about it. Remember, when there is trash, there is always gold so go on and make something out of that old device that you own. Don’t just throw it away, make use of it – I am sure there are tons.

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