7 smartphone myths revealed

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Being a smartphone user, we all heard of myths and sayings that revolve around our little everyday devices. Some we believe but some are really just too far and wide to think about. Have you ever encountered myths about smartphones that you wish you knew was true? Here are 7 smartphone myths revealed.

You should drain the battery first before charging it


Some people believe that they should first drain the batteries of their phones before plugging the charger in. Technologies now use Lithium – ion batteries that has no impact on smartphones whether the battery is drained or not. To put it into simpler terms, you can charge your smartphone, however and whenever you like.

Leaving your phone charging overnight is bad for its battery


This was true before because old batteries did not know when they are fully charged which led to overcharging. Modern technology and batteries nowadays have a sensor that would automatically turn the charging off when the battery is full so you don’t have to worry about leaving it charged overnight.

Closing background apps will increase the phone’s performance


We may feel that the reason our phone’s performances decrease is because of multiple apps opened in the background but that is most certainly not true. New generation smartphones are built to endure apps that are open to minimize the battery and performance consumption. Both Apple and Android devices actually don’t allow background apps to use much of the phone’s resources at all.

Better specs mean better performance


Whenever we stumble upon a device and we check its specs, we easily think that the better the specs are, the better the performance. It is not totally true. While you can ponder upon the specs that your phone has, it still does not really mean it has better performance. While companies say they have these specs, it is not entirely true. For instance, a 12-megapixel camera is just somewhat around 10-megapixels. Specs are just a marketing strategy for the market that is tech savvy.

You should only use the charger that came with your phone


Modern chargers are USB chargers which are universalized and standardized. It is another company trick to get you to buy their premium chargers. Although original chargers work best for the phones, it is not harmful for smartphones to use chargers that are sold separately. On the contrary, there are more powerful chargers than original chargers; it’s just up to you to find them.

Android phones are more vulnerable than Apple devices


We all know that Apple’s devices won’t allow you to download stuff out of the Apple store which makes it secure; unless your device is jailbroken. Although Android allows you to download stuff even from the browsers, it still not safe to conclude that Apple can’t get dirty too because once an Apple device gets jailbroken, it is as vulnerable as any Android device.

Screen protectors protect your phone from scratches and breaks


As screen protectors protect your phone from light scratches such as slight bumps, it could not resist heavy pressure and falls. Modern technology uses gorilla glass or tempered glass to fully protect the interior-exterior of the phone. By attaching tempered glass or gorilla glass to it, it allows your phone to be stronger and crisper x4 so think twice about getting a screen protector for your phone.

Are you now relieved about the myths that kept you going? Are you now relieved about the myths that you believed that turned out to be untrue? Here are just a few of those, there more myths that come around and I am sure you are keen on knowing if that is real or not. Stay tuned and know more about smartphone myths.

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