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How to File Petition for Correction of Entry (CCE) or Change of First...

Your PSA/NSO documents are necessary in almost every transaction that you will take on, like getting government IDs, applying passport, insurance and other important...

How Can I Change My Legal Name In My Passport?

Declaring a passport is one of the best modes of identification here in our country. Why? Because a passport goes through the process of...

New Certificate Requirement In Renewing Passport

A few weeks ago, we were dumbfounded when President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law the bills in extending the validity of passports and driver's...
Fix Birth Certificate Problems

Birth Certificate Problems: Frequently Ask Questions with Answers

In our previous published articles, we share to you some guides How to correct erroneous entries in Birth Certificate, filing late registration and getting authenticated Birth...
How to register illegitimate child

How To Apply Birth Certificate for Unmarried Couple’s Child

An illegitimate child is the one who is born of parents who are not married to each other or are born out of wedlock....
guideline for change of name in the Philippines

Guidelines for Change of Name in the Philippines

The Civil Code provided that in order for a change of name, whether nickname, first name or surname, there should be a judicial decree...
NSO Certificate Online

How to get NSO/PSA Certificate Online – Birth, Marriage, Death or CENOMAR

Using NSO helpline website, you can now get authenticated NSO Certificate Online, these include Birth, Marriage, Death certificate or CENOMAR and let them delivered to your doorstep for free.

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