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Since the arrival of government organization call centers, concerns and requests came easy. But hey, you can’t deny the fact that reaching them can be a bit of a headache, right? A lot of people with multiple kinds of requests call them; a lot of people try to reach them. That’s the reason why you’re waiting for more than 10 minutes just to talk to a representative. Although that’s the case, the Social Security System (SSS) was successful in devising a way on how everyone can be in contact with them without having to wait! Text SSS was made for Filipino citizens for ease and efficiency.

What is Text SSS?

Text SSS is kind of self-explanatory. It’s a facility that allows members to inquire about many different things. Basically, it serves like what a call center would do; it will assist you with your inquiry/concern and you don’t have to wait!

What can you inquire in this Text SSS Facility?

Through this new facility, a member can inquire about:

So how do I utilize this feature?

First and foremost, you would have to register to have this facility ready for you. Furthermore, this will plate out everything in your account; meaning, the system will not be confused as to who you are and that all information you will receive will be accurate and legitimate.

Members can register just through the SMS as well!

SSS REG <SSS NUMBER> <BDAY[mm/dd/yyyy]> send to 2600

The format that you would need to submit can be seen above. After creating the message, you need to send it to 2600. Once your registration completes, you will receive a text message with your unique, system-generated PIN. This PIN you will receive will be required in the Text SSS facility every time you interact with it. Every time you need access to your account, you will need to supply your PIN so that the system will successfully recognize that it’s you, the account holder/owner.

NOTE: The service fee for this facility would be Php2. 50.  That amount is for both Globe/TM and Smart subscribers. For Sun Cellular subscribers, it’s Php2. 00. 

To get requirements on SSS ID, Voluntary Membership (VM), Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), Self-employment, and Change in Membership Data, key in:

  • SSS ID

SEND TO 2600

To check the status of claim, key in:

  • SSS STATUS Maternity <SS NUMBER> <PIN>
  • SSS STATUS Retirement <SS NUMBER> <PIN>
  • SSS STATUS Disability <SS NUMBER> <PIN>

SEND TO 2600

To inquire about required documentation in filing claim benefits, key in:

  • SSS DOC Maternity
  • SSS DOC Sickness
  • SSS DOC Disability
  • SSS DOC Death
  • SSS DOC Funeral
  • For retirement less than 65 years old; SSS DOC Retirement
  • For retirement with minor dependent; SSS DOC Retirement Minor

SEND TO 2600.

To inquire about contributions;

SSS CONTRIB <SS NUMBER> <PIN>; Send to 2600.

To inquire about loan status;


To inquire about loan balance;

SSS LOANBAL <SS NUMBER> <PIN>; Send to 2600.

To retrieve your PIN;

SSS RESET <SS NUMBER> <BDAY[mm/dd/yyy]>; Send to 2600.

To send feedback;

SSS FEEDBACK <SS NUMBER> <concerns/complaints/commendation/inquiries>; Send to 2600.

To know the different commands;

SSS HELP; Send to 2600.

To see and know the nearest branch;

SSS BRANCH <CITY> or <POSTAL CODE>; Send to 2600.

Now for the SSS, this is just the start of them being technologically-inclined. As you can see, the SSS exerted maximum effort in letting members experience flawless customer service. Furthermore, we can see that the SSS is trying to come up with ways on how they can service the Filipino people/SSS members without giving them a pain in the neck.

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This is just the start of the Text SSS. I’m pretty sure that as time goes on, more and more features and commands will be added. You’ll be surprised at how much you can do with a single short messaging service and Php2. 50. 

Thrilled to experience this new SSS facility? Why not give it a try! This will save you a lot of time trying to get a hold of an agent from the SSS. Plus, it’s only one message away. So what are you waiting for? Come and register for Text SSS now and inquire about your SSS using just your fingertips!

Contact SSS @

The Social Security System website
Facebook page
Youtube channel
Email at: [email protected]
Tel: 920-6446-55; 917-7777

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