7 benefits of Microsoft Teams for Distributed Work


Nowadays if you own any type of business, you are going to need a specific type of communication platform to help you and your workers keep in contact with each other. If you want a truly diverse business, it’s important that you hire people from all walks of life. That way you can bring in the best talent for your job. Just keep in mind that by doing this, you will be asking for distributed work between a number of employees. This can come with its benefits. Here are seven advantages of Microsoft Teams to get you started.

1. Remote working

Thanks to the pandemic, you will find that many employees tend to feel better when they are either working from home remotely or on a hybrid schedule. That means that you may find it difficult to keep an eye on what your employees are doing. However, with Microsoft Teams, you will find that it will be easier for distributed work. You can share files together and work on projects in collaborative documents.

2. Streamlining work

You will find that one of the major benefits of using Microsoft Teams is that it streamlines all of your communications into one platform. Instead of being forced to open tons of applications that can waste time and money to subscribe to, you can instant message, video call and host meetings through Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Telephony is the new way of collaboration on Microsoft Teams, so make sure to give these calling features a try!

3. Collaboration tools

 For distributed work, sometimes you may need to collaborate with other business specialists to create a fantastic product. Everyone has their strengths, therefore, if you want your team to have access to other specialists and their knowledge, you will find that Microsoft Teams has collaboration tools that can mean employees can work together easily.

4.Video meetings

Sometimes if you want to complete some distributed work, you need to start off with a video meeting to learn the basics of the project. Microsoft Teams offers this platform where employees can host meetings and talk through different campaigns and business targets.

5. Instant messaging

When you are in a project, and you find that there is a difficult issue you need to deal with, sometimes you need to have the assistance of others to get it solved. Not everyone likes phone calls, so the instant messaging system is perfect for a quick chat.

6. Constant access

For distributed work especially, you need to have access to documents, messages with other employees and the ability to call people at any time. Microsoft Teams can do this and ensure that you are able to get your work done efficiently.

7. Less emails

It can be frustrating to constantly have to catch up with emails. They distract you from your distributed work. That’s why you will prefer Microsoft Teams. Everything will be in one place.

Are you ready to download Microsoft Teams for your distributed work?

Microsoft Teams is a great way to connect with your team and complete your distributed work. Download it today and reap in all of the benefits!

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