Ingenious Tips and Tricks for Enhancing your YouTube Experience

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YouTube is love. The importance of YouTube cannot be argued with in our lives. And it’s not just the importance in like meaningful and useful way but rather countless hours of endless fun. We are happy to waste our time watching videos on YouTube, ranging from cat videos, trailers, vines, pranks and fails to chat shows, celebrity gossip, guitar lessons and game walkthroughs.

Not to mention the learning curve YouTube offers. It’s educational and instructional videos can help you transform into a seasoned guitar player overnight (okay, that is a bit far-fetched but you get the idea). All in all, it is an addiction. As if you weren’t addicted already, YouTube offers few tweaks that will add to your overall experience of the largest online video provider.

Although, these are less known tricks but are enough to keep you hooked to the platform even when you are not watching any videos on it. After all, it’s the Google at the helm of YouTube, what did you expect? Wouldn’t they hide some fun pieces of code for you to play around with? With these codes, you can literally modify YouTube’s interface. Are you ready to find out what they are? Here goes:

On-site Video Editor

It is for those folks who regularly upload videos to YouTube. So the next time you upload the video and find something amiss and feel the urge to edit the video, don’t go running towards third party applications instead employ YouTube’s very own on-site video editor tool.

For folks who are just starting out, take note. You can edit using the on-site video editor tool available on YouTube. You can either trim or elongate clips, bring in music for the flavor, top it off with effects in addition to integrating an extra set of clips in your existing video. Pretty cool, eh?

Moreover, you can also select from a huge library of music and soundtracks without having to worry about whether or not the end result will be compatible. In order to use this feature, simply go to your account and choose video editor for a multitude of opportunities.

“Use the force, Luke”

That is a phrase and not an option under YouTube controls. Once you type it in the search bar, you will start to feel nauseous. It is built in line with the famous Google ‘Doodles’ that will render your screen all woozy. So yes, YouTube has its own set of ‘Doodles’ aka Hunt the Easter Eggs which are basically time killers and are meant to keep you engaged.

It offers customization. The contents of the page can be moved around with your mouse pointer to add more anarchy to the screen of yours. Read more on If you want to get high without entailing the risk of getting OD’d that is the closest you will be to it.

YouTube TV

We all know how to watch YouTube video on our television sets but for those of you who have tired watching those on TV know how troublesome it becomes. So is there a workaround where you don’t have to sit too close to the TV so that the streaming is seamless? Yes with YouTube TV! It boasts a full-screen display of the videos and can work very well big screens. The next time you decide to watch YouTube videos on TV, experience it through YouTube TV. It’s like watching your regular movies/shows on widescreen. There is also an option to pair it with iOS or Android device which will suit all the couch potatoes out there.

Tailored Playback Settings

YouTube isn’t just popular for its video content, it is also the darling platform due to its wide array of customization. The interface undoubtedly is user-friendliest and has features that are enough to keep you indulged in exploring. The most notable and recent offering was in terms of the option to hide/unhide captions/annotations – annoying and takes away the pleasure of viewing videos but with this new feature, it’s a thing of the past.

Video quality preferences have also been integrated and can be accessed from video playback menu. During the playback, you can play around with quality to view finer versions of the video. Depending on the internet connection speed, most of the time it will by default auto-select the suitable quality for playback.

There you go! The little-known secrets of the YouTube browsing experience out in the open.

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