How to Enroll on PNB Online Banking or PNB Net Banking


Philippine National Bank (PNB), one of the largest banks in the Philippines. Establish by the Philippine government on July 22, 1916 during the American occupation.

In 1980, business tycoon Lucio Tan acquired PNB after it was privatized  by the government and became the first universal bank in the country. On February 9, 2013 PNB merged with Lucio Tan owned Allied Bank and become the fifth largest bank in the Philippines.

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Like the other top banks in the country PNB also offers online banking for their clients. With the help of the internet and the latest technology you can monitor your PNB account in front of your computer.

If you have a PNB account, you can take advantage the benefits of online banking today by enrolling your PNB account to PNB online banking or PNB net banking.

The benefits of PNB net banking are monitor account balances, transfer funds to family and friends, pay your bills, schedule payments and fund transfers in advance and program recurring transactions, order checkbook, view the statement of account online and get notified via email to help you monitor your transactions.

How to Enroll on PNB Online Banking

To enroll on PNB online banking or PNB net banking follow the steps given below. Be sure that you have an account in PNB.

Step 1. Go to PNB official website (, at the menu bar on the home page, click “Online Banking Login” , See the screenshot.pnb net banking

Step 2. On the popup window, under Personal account click “Enroll HerePNB Online banking

Step 3. Clicking the enroll button will open “Terms and Conditions” page in the new tab. Read and understand the terms and conditions and click the checkbox in the bottom-left of the page indicating the you understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Then Click to enroll on pnb net banking step 2

Step 4. You will redirected to PNB Internet banking Online Enrollment page wherein you can choose from two Enrollment options given. Choose whether you want to enroll account with ATM or Non-ATM to enroll to pnb net banking step 3

Step 5. On the next page, you will asked to provide your personal details fill out the registration form completely. Make sure that you will enter your correct information. Choose a strong password, use a combination of alphanumeric, UPPERCASE and special characters when creating a password, don’t use birthdays or something related to you. Enter the captcha validation code, then click submit to enroll to pnb net banking step 4

Step 6. You will be given instant access to PNB net banking if you register using “Enrollment option 1” or using your ATM number. If you register using “Enrollment option 2” or using non-ATM account, approval and activation will take place within 24 hours or the next banking day.

Step 7. After the activation of your account, you can now login to PNB online banking using the username and password you register.

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