How to Create a Facebook Group

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According to the Facebook founders, they build Facebook to make the world more open and transparent, which they believe will create greater understanding and connection. Facebook promotes openness and transparency by giving individuals greater power to share and connect.

Undoubtedly, Facebook brings great impact in terms of communicating with your love ones abroad. It is a place where you can stay connected with your friends and family, making new friends, sharing pictures, and exchanging ideas.

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Aside from that, we can now create groups in Facebook. Having this feature make it easy to connect with specific sets of people, like family, teammates or coworkers. Groups are dedicated spaces where you can share updates, events, photos, or documents. Creating a Facebook group is easy and takes up only a few minutes to setup, all you need is a Facebook account.

Here are the 3 steps How to create Facebook Group

  1. On your Facebook homepage go to the group section on the left side menu, then click “Create group” or click the inverse triangle located at the top right of your screen to reveal the drop-down menu where you can click “Create Group”.How to create Facebook group step 1
  2. A window will appear, you are required to add a group name, members and select the privacy settings for your group then click to create Facebook group step 2
  3. Once the group is created, you’ll be taken to the group. You can add a group description to tell members its value, purpose and interest. Choose a symbol to represent your group. Then to make your group more attractive you can upload cover photo, choose one that shows off your group’s personality.How to create Facebook Group

That’s it your Facebook group is now created. Take note that you’re automatically an admin/creator if you create a group. You can now customize your group by adding/inviting members so you will have a private space to share photos, create events, add files and keep in touch.

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