How to Get Mayor’s Permit in the Philippines

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If you’re planning to start a business here in the Philippines, you would need to secure different documentation requirements. A handful of these can be gotten from your municipal office but there are some that you need get from a different source. In a previous article, we’ve written all permits and documents you need if you’re looking to start a business here in our country. Moreover, we’ve also given you guys brief information on how to get those requirements. In this article, we will be detailing how you can get a Mayor’s Permit. 

What a Mayor's Permit Looks Like

What is a Mayor’s Permit?

A mayor’s permit is most often known as the business permit. The reason for this is because in order for you to secure one, you need to finish two applications and documentations first. Furthermore, this is accessible in the municipal’s office or the city hall.

The two documentations or permits we need before we can get a mayor’s permit, what are they?

You might be wondering what a Business Barangay Clearance is. To make things simpler, this is the barangay clearance of where your business is located. In order to get this, you just have to follow the steps on how to get a personal barangay clearance as well. However, before applying for one, you need some sort of proof of the legitimacy of your business and your DTI registration or certificate is often necessary.

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What are the steps in applying or getting a Mayor’s Permit?

1. Securing the locational clearance

One of the requirements in applying for the Mayor’s permit is the locational clearance. This serves as a legitimacy check to prove that your location is capable of sustaining a business like what you have. To get this, you need to visit the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) of where your business is at; it should be notarized. The requirements for this are:

  • Contract of Lease
  • Sketch/Drawing of the location  of the business. It should show the exact area of the office.
  • Clear photos of the interior of the business

NOTE: You would need the certification, the barangay clearance/permit, contract of lease, sketch of location, authorization letter of owner, and the occupancy permit for these so prepare them.

The process takes 3-5 business days.

2. Paying of fees

After you get the locational clearance, you now have to assess your fees. For this, visit the BPLO office. You should go to the location where you went when you applied for the locational clearance. Once there, the officer will then assess your fees. The fees they’ll declare for the processing of the Mayor’s Permit should be what you’ll be adhering to.

3. Application submission

Once you know how much it will cost you, head to the cashier’s office of the city or municipal hall. Paying through deposit, credit, or through bank transfers are not possible. But, you actually have two (2) options:

  • You can pay it through cash; or
  • Through a manager’s check. Ask the cashier where the payment should be named

4. Fire and Sanitary permits application

After making the payment, you now have to apply for the sanitary and the fire permit. Proceed to the fire department area in the city or municipal hall and show them the receipt that you paid for the fire permit. Afterwards, proceed to the sanitary division; they will then provide the sanitary permit after they do all of their checks and inspections.

5. Releasing of the Mayor’s Permit

Lastly, after completing every ounce of requirement here in this list, you can now claim the Mayor’s Permit. The process could actually take less than two (2) hours. You just have to bring the required documentation so you can settle everything in one go. If you lack a requirement, you are at the risk of coming back – wouldn’t it be nice to finish it in one (1) day?

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What are the requirements in getting a Mayor’s Permit?

Of course, you would need to present valid documentation before applying for a Mayor’s Permit. You would need:

  • Certification documents. You need to submit either of the following: (DTI Business Name Certificate; or, SEC Articles of Partnership; or, SEC Certificate of Incorporation)
  • Locational Clearance
  • Sanitary Permit
  • Fire Permit
  • Authorization letter of the owner with proof of identification
  • Community Tax Certificate (CTC or Cedula)
  • Occupancy Permit
  • Barangay Clearance/Permit
  • Contract of Lease or Land Title/Tax Declaration
  • Sketch of Location
  • Public Liability Insurance

Getting the Mayor’s Permit is not as difficult as it seems. Although you might need a few documentations firstly and of course you need some of it notarized, it’s still simple and won’t require too much of your time and of course, your money.

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