How to Handle Studies while Working


Whether you are here in the Philippines or you’re planning to apply for a student visa to study abroad, making extra cash might get you thinking. A lot of people consider working while they study for their own funding or in order to help their families. But there are people who become depressed and stressed after deciding that they want to work while they study so before we go into that topic deeper, how are you going to handle this kind of situation?

This question has been running around for a time now and it is most often asked by people who have goals and aims with their lives. Although a lot of people easily think that this act is difficult, some people think the opposite. Taking your academic journey to a next level is not that hard; here are a few simple tips:

Know your priorities

Of course, working while studying would definitely cut you off from the normal things you do on a regular basis. Knowing your priorities is just as good as being a perfect time manager. Cut down irrelevant and unproductive activities and start prioritizing the important and better things in order to maximize your time.

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Do not forget to exercise

We all know that exercising can clear your mind so one good tip is to exercise in order to break free from the stress and the hassle of what you are going through. Exercise can gain you a great amount of oxygen all throughout your body to help you think better, perform better, and to be better overall. It can also make you feel good and look good so try and incorporate exercise despite your busy lifestyle.

Plan your activities

Make a chart of your future activities; plan ahead so you won’t cram and go through the stress of what to do first or what to accomplish first. Set aside time for one thing and another time for a different thing; organize your time properly in a manner that you won’t cross your priorities – remember, there are your priorities for a reason.

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Relax every now and then

Make time for yourself because working under stress and under pressure won’t end too well. You need to relax that all-day working brain of yours and you can do that by sleeping. When you sleep, your brain relaxes and that is the only time your brain can truly break free from your entire day. Not even thinking about anything is not a solution; completely relax your brain for you to be fully efficient.

Your family is more important than your job

And the most important tip of all is to never forget your loved ones. Your job wouldn’t take care of you when you grow old, your money won’t be there when you are feeling down and sad – value your family and loved ones because they are the ones who will be with you in times you need companions. Prioritize your work and your studies but never ever set aside your loved ones – remember that.

It is not easy because you will have to be a man of management, discipline, and control. It is not difficult as well because you only need ample time to complete activities which won’t entirely consume your day. Take a look at these tips and see how you can handle being a working student.

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