How to know if someone has blocked you on Facebook

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In our “internet” times, Facebook is one of the most famous and the most used tools in sharing, communicating, working, etc. So with this, it is safe to say that you can gain friends, a lot of friends in Facebook through constant communication, rapport, relationship building, etc. But of course, making yourself a lot of friends do not exempt you in having a few too little enemies along the way. In life, we cannot please everybody with the things we do. It is certain that people will continuously dislike and resent you even when you know you are just doing the right thing; that’s part of life and it is obvious that we cannot avoid it. In this article, you will be educated on how you can know if someone has blocked you on Facebook.

What does blocking do?

In social media, blocking is quite the obvious. Blocking a certain person can prohibit him/her to see what you have shared, to know where you are, or to even talk to you. Blocking cuts off all ways of communication with the person that you intended to block or the person who blocked you.

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When you are blocked, you would not be able to see future activities of the person on Facebook anymore and you are prohibited to have a conversation with that person on Facebook.

Why do people block?

Personal reasons are exemptions but people usually block in social media because they are not fond of pondering at the person’s interests. They do not want to see what he/she shared, they do not want to talk to the person, etc.

One good example is the content sharing. If someone shares content that could either be offensive, disrespectful, or just plain non-sense to you, you will block that person – in order to stop seeing what he/she says, to stop hearing what he wants to say, or to stop the door-banging news he/she always is excited about.

How can I know if someone blocked me?

There are actually a few clues in order to know if someone has blocked you on Facebook:

  • When you try to search for them, it would not push through. It will either not let you see his/her profile or their names would not be searched.
  • If you are using “Messenger,” you would not be able to type in the chat box. If you are using plain Facebook, you would not be able to type messages as well.
  • The tags (photos, videos, statuses) you and the person share/d would not appear in your notifications anymore. Although in your profile, you can still see them, the name of the person would appear to be just plain text (not a link to the person’s profile)
  • The name of the person who has blocked you will appear to be un-clickable.
  • If you’re suspicious about a friend who can possibly block you, ask mutual friends if they are still friends with you.

These are the ways in order for you to know if someone has blocked you. Facebook does not directly tell you if you have been blocked – maybe it’s Facebook’s way of saying that goodbyes could not be that hard. So check all of these factors before concluding that someone has blocked you. Stay tuned for more Facebook guides, tips, tricks, and tutorials.

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