Why is English an important factor in today’s world?


As most of you notice, the Philippines is probably one of the countries that have a majority of speaking the English language. The English language can be heard everywhere from schools, malls, workplaces, even some households use the English language as a medium. Given these circumstances, it is safe to say that we value the English language because it somehow holds an important factor in our time now. But really – why is it an important factor in our current generation?

It is a major education factor

English is an important ingredient in a person’s education. Here in our country, children who are as young as 6 years old are taught basic English phrases, words, and even sentences. From here, we can deduce that we value the language just as much as how we value our own. A lot of countries consider the English language as their second language which is a big factor.

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It is the common international language

When you go travel to a different country which speaks a different mother tongue, you try and communicate with the locals in English, right? It is what you try to communicate to them with. With good and common understanding of the language, you can then freely travel around the planet without the fear of being not understood.

In the field of business, you can also become successful if you know how to communicate using the English language by simply reaching out to other ventures, other entrepreneurs who come from different places. International companies often use the worker’s client to communicate in the English language as one of the biggest factors in obtaining a certain position.

The BPO industry

All of us are aware that the call center industry has been booming since it first started here and it is not showing any means of slowing down. This is because clients and brands are looking at our country at a very impressive scale; they tend to look at Filipinos as a nation that can dwell in English smoothly and flawlessly.

If you are good in English, try applying for a position in the industry and you may be shocked at how they react when they hear you even though you haven’t presented them a diploma for college. Yes, undergraduates who are good in the language can secure a position in the industry with or without experience.

The internet and other educational literature

The internet is over 50% English so if you know how to comprehend with the language, then you can most probably be well-versed in the internet. If you haven’t noticed, majority of the literature that has been published, put up, and constructed are made and composed in the English language so being a person who can read, write, and understand English can get you to a very far and successful plane.

Although learning English can be a bit of a hassle for Filipinos (because we follow different rules and guidelines as regards to usage, sentence structure, etc.), we are considered to be one of the most prominent and one of the best countries who speak the language and why is that so? – because we have a neutral accent which makes other English speakers understand us clearer and better; we will talk about that in another article.

We hope we were able to relay information to you regarding the importance of the English language in our times and we do hope you consider studying the language as well.


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