How to share Photos with specific Facebook friends

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Photo sharing on Facebook is one of the best feature where you can easily share your best memories to your family and friends anytime anywhere.

But making your personal photos visible to the public is not a good idea since anyone can use it against you. Luckily Facebook has an option that you can easily set if you want your photos only visible to specific friends.

And, if you still don’t know how, I will show you in this article, just follow every step mention below.

Sharing Facebook Photos to specific friend

When uploading a photo on Facebook, by default it is set to public, meaning anyone can see your photo unless you change your privacy setting. If you want only your photos to share with specific friends that you like, follow this simple step.

  1. While adding or uploading photo, before hitting the post button, beside it you will see “Public” with inverted arrow, click on that to reveal some options, choose “Friends” if you want to share your uploaded photo with all of your friends, “Only me” if you want it private and there is “More Options”, click on that to show “Custom” options where you can select specific friends that you want to share.sharing Facebook Photos with specific friends
  2. In the custom privacy window, enter the name of your friend in the blank space provided in “Share with” section then hit the save button to apply.Upload fb photo privately 2
  3. It will take you back to the Add photos window, where you can now hit the post button or add another picture.upload fb photo privately

How about if you already uploaded the photo and you want to change the privacy settings? Follow this step.

  1. Open the photo that you want to change the privacy settings, you will find the inverted arrow at the bottom of your name, click on that arrow to see the “Edit Album Privacy”.Change Fb photo privacy settings
  2. The edit album window will appear where you can also select whether your album visible publicly or only your specific friends.Share FB photo album

Sharing an Album to specific friend

If you want to share the whole album to one of your Facebook friends this is how you will do.

  1. After uploading the photo or if it is already uploaded, go to your album. Click your profile, hit “Photos” and select “Album” to show the album that you want to change the privacy.Share FB Photos to specific friends
  2. At the lower right of the album thumbnail you will see an inverted arrow, click on that to reveal the option. Select which option you want for your album, but since this tutorial is how to share photos with specific friends, click “More options” to reveal the “Custom” option.Share FB Album to specific friend
  3. After you select custom option, it will popup the custom privacy settings where you can enter the name of your friends that you want only to see or the person that you don’t want to see your album photos. Click save changes to apply your new privacy settings.FB Share album 3

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