5 Reasons why learning English is important


Our second language and is considered to be one of the things that we should focus on is the English language. A lot of Filipinos are already knowledgeable and comprehensible when it comes to the English language because a lot of BPO companies are rooting its pillars here in our country and they think that this will be the key to success. Taking all of these aside, many scholars and successful people believe that the English language is important – why is that so?

1. A lot of opportunities for us Filipinos

The Philippines is considered to be a third world country which means, in order to get to the top, we need to strive and to crawl before we can walk. Learning English can be an advantage because with it, we can mask ourselves and appear to be better and more efficient when it comes to professions and careers. Honing ourselves with the language can open a lot of doors to us globally; jobs and businesses to other states that yield more profit, education in the best schools in first world countries, and many more.

2. A necessity for traveling

Filipinos love traveling and we cannot say the things we say locally to other people in different countries because it will take millenniums before they can comprehend. The English language is the point where every race meets; it is a language that is considered to be “everyone’s language” because of its roots, simplicity, and its neutrality.

3. It is spoken worldwide

Although it is only 3rd in the most spoken language all over the world (Mandarin is 1st and Spanish is 2nd), it is a language that almost everyone knows a little of. Over 335 million native speakers in addition to 350 million who aren’t it is obviously a language that has become the norm in almost all states in the entire globe. It has become the pillars of communication that almost everyone knows a word or two of this language. A lot of foreigners are now studying English seriously that they take lessons from Filipinos ONLINE.

4. International access

Almost 70% of all archives, movies, books, and all other forms of knowledge are written and spoken in English. Knowing the language by heart gives you the authority and the opportunity to gain access to these without needing aid from translators or interpreters. Knowing the English language is truly an amazing form of education because it does not only makes us Filipinos edgy; it also gives us opportunities and chances that we never thought of.

5. It is the official business language

Yes, the Chinese people do business like moguls and gamble their profit like sharks but English is considered to be the official language of business. By becoming fluent in both written and verbal English, you allow yourself to engage deeply into the realms of business that might be the reason for your life to change. Business is one of the things that is done with all aspects of education worldwide and learning English is absolutely a relevant factor because it lets you communicate freely without needing help from people who know the language more than you do.

It is quite clear that Flipinos really need to give importance to the language because it will overall allow them to have more opportunities than those who don’t. Even though we only mentioned 5 factors of why it is important, looking at these 5 factors really makes us want to learn English more seriously and better, right? So what are you waiting for, start reading and start enabling yourself to become a better and an improved citizen by learning the language of the world.

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