How to Check PhilHealth Contribution Online – A Helpful Illustrated Guide

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[UPDATES] PhilHealth Electronic Registration System is under Maintenance

Checking your PhilHealth contribution online is easy using this step-by-step guide on how PhilHealth members can register for online account. When the member is registered, they can easily check their total monthly contributions, last contribution date, download MDR and check their beneficiaries through PhilHealth website.

You don’t need to visit the office just to inquire about your PhilHealth contribution. As long as you have your PhilHealth number and know your data registered to them with working email you can register for online account wherever you are at anytime you want.

To make it easy for everyone especially for those who are not familiar with the Philhealth online system, I will guide you throughout the process just like I did on SSS account online registration. If you’re also an SSS member you can follow my ultimate guide.

How to check PhilHealth Contribution, Step-by-step guide

Step 1. To start you need your PhilHealth number, email address, and phone number. If you have it already, go to Philhealth website, this is the direct link (, you can also access this thru Online Services menu then select Member Inquiry.  You will be redirected to member inquiry form, since you are not yet registered, click the “Register” link just below the login button.


Step 2. You will arrive in the PhilHealth registration form where you need to enter your PhilHealth number (without the dash -) and other personal information like your birthday and complete name. Also, you need to enter a working email address because PhilHealth will send the activation link and your login credentials or username and password in the email that you provide. You will also need to select three security questions and provide answers to each question, this will use every time you access your account. Enter the security code number, then click “Submit Registration” if all data are entered.Philhealth online registration - registration form

Step 3. A small popup confirmation window will appear after you submit your registration confirming your registration has successfully sent and you need to check your email for activation link.Check PhilHealth Contribution

Step 4.  Login to your email account that you provide during the registration and open that email from the PhilHealth Member Information System.Check Philhealth COntribution Online - Email

Step 5.  Inside the email is the PIN and Password that you will use when you login online, the pin usually your PhilHealth number and they provide your password. Below that click the link to activate your account.Check Philhealth COntribution online - Confimation email

Step 6. When you click the activation link you will redirected to a page confirming that your account is activated, click the Login link to login using the PIN and password that they give.Check SSS Contribution Online - Account activation

Step 7. It will take you back to PhilHealth homepage, but this time you already registered and ready to login, head on to the login form on the right side of the page and enter the credentials (PIN & Password).Check PhilHealth Contribution online - Login

Step 8. Provide the answer to the security question, if you remember you enter an answer when you fill up the registration form.Check Philhealth Contribution Online - Security check

Step 9. Now you are inside the system, you can see your static information and can access the Members Profiles where you can check your beneficiaries. Premium Contribution to check your total monthly contribution.Check Philhealth contribution online - Static Info

Step 10. Clicking the “Premium Contribution” will take you to this page where you can see the amount you paid in every month, how much the total share of your employer, total contributed months and the total mount of your contribution.Check Philhealth contribution online - Monthly Premium

This online system of PhilHealth is a big help for the members to monitor their contribution. For the employed members they can check if their employer are remitting the exact amount that they are deducting in the salary.

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