How to check PhilHealth Beneficiaries/Dependents online

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As a PhilHealth member you can enjoy the hospitalization benefits given by our government, not only the members but also the qualified dependents or beneficiaries of the account holder.

But before the beneficiary can enjoy what the account holder are enjoying they must be qualified and listed as dependents on the holder’s account.

Qualified dependents are non-member spouse, legitimate, legitimated, acknowledged and illegitimate child or children, adopted or stepchild or stepchildren below 21 years of age, unmarried and unemployed. You can check who are the qualified PhilHealth dependents in their website.

If you are a PhilHealth account holder and not sure who are the dependent listed under your name, you can check it online.

I will cover every steps in this article but before you can view your PhilHealth records online you will need first to register your account or PhilHealth number online. I already posted the instruction how to register on PhilHealth online on my previous article. Follow the instruction in that article then return to this page to continue.

Check PhilHealth beneficiaries online

1. Once you have your login credentials that PhilHealth give to you when you register, you can now proceed to member inquiry login form. Go to PhilHealth website then enter your PIN and password on the right part of the screen.philhealth beneficiaries - login

2. Enter the answer on your challenge question when prompted. The answer must be the same when you register.philhealth beneficiaries - security question

3. You will arrive on your static info, click “Member Profile” icon to reveal your complete personal information with your dependents.Philhealth beneficiaries - static info

4. Member profile page will look like on the screenshot below, you can find the dependent/s on the lower part.Philhealth beneficiaries - list

Now that you know already who are your beneficiaries which also can enjoy the benefits of PhilHealth when they hospitalize in PhilHealth accredited hospital.

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