How do You Modify Your Incorrect Receiver’s Name in Palawan Express Padala?

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Here in the Philippines, it’s common to send money to our relatives who live far from us. This is one main factor why money-sending businesses are a hit in our country. That and because the process is simple; you just have to know the correct receiver’s name and that’s it. There are many different options you can choose from but one of the more used because of the cheap fees and charges is Palawan Express Padala. However, we are not perfect and therefore, there will come times when we might put an incorrect receiver’s name in our transaction. In this article, we will teach you how you can modify an incorrect receiver’s name in the best ways possible.

Why is it important to know the exact correct name of a receiver?

When the receiver of the remittance claims the money, although they have the correct transaction/reference number and amount, if their name is incorrect as to how you put it in the transaction, there might be problems with them receiving the money or package you sent.

First off, they will be asked for a piece of valid ID. In some money express services, if the amount that you’ll be remitting is more than Php10, 000.00, they would need to present two (2) valid IDs.

See the list of accepted valid I.Ds here.

Therefore, having the correct exact name of both the sender and the recipient should be at play.

Can I modify it even from a different branch?

Yes, definitely. If you find yourself far from where you made the transaction, you can find any Palawan Padala Express agents and report that you’ve put a misspelled name of the receiver. As long as you have the ID you presented, the transaction receipt, and the correct and exact full name of the receiver, you’re all good.

The modification is free of charge so you don’t have to worry about paying extra just to have the correct name on the transaction.

NOTE: Make sure that you have the Send Money Form or the receipt of the transaction that you’ve had with the Palawan Express Money Padala branch or agent. Without it, they won’t be able to honor your transaction, unfortunately.

What if I’m in a different part of the country? Could I still have the receiver’s name corrected?

Yes! For example, you made the transaction in Metro Manila but you’re now currently some place in Rizal; you can still make the modification as long as you have all of the things we’ve listed above.

Can other people with the name I listed get the money?

As we all currently know, there are a lot of money-stealing schemes out there. If in the event the incorrect name matches a different person and they became aware of the transaction, they can remit what you sent instead of the receiver where you intend to send it to.

Having that said, it’s best to stay safe and to have it corrected ASAP. There’s no reason for you to let this sit for a long time because whatever you sent might be acquired by a totally different person.

Is there a number I can contact for the changing of the incorrect receiver’s name?

Fortunately, Palawan Express Padala has a hotline telephone number. In addition to that, they also have mobile numbers for Globe, Smart, and Sun Cellular.

  • Telephone number: (048) 433-4110
  • Globe mobile phone number: 09173013868
  • Sun Cellular mobile phone number: 09328508613
  • Smart mobile phone number: 09989621869

If you’re somewhere far from a Palawan Express Padala Agent or branch, you can call any of these numbers to proceed with your request. You just need to inform them the following:

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  • The transaction reference number
  • Date of the transaction
  • Time of the transaction
  • Where you made the transaction (which branch)
  • The amount of the money you sent
  • Your complete name
  • The receiver’s incorrect name
  • Correct name of the receiver

They might ask a few questions to validate and check if you really were the one who sent it. However, if you’ll do it through SMS, just include all of those information and it should be fine.

Mistakes are normal and it happens to everyone; especially with names. To avoid this from ever happening to you, double-check the complete full name of the receiver before you make the transaction. This way you’re able to clarify what their complete full name is so you won’t have to make the modifications anymore.

Do you have an outstanding Palawan Express Padala transaction that cannot be claimed because of a receiver’s name being incorrect? Don’t worry because that won’t be a pain in the neck. Although it’s kind of a hassle to think that you have to modify it but what can you do? They can’t reverse a transaction, they’re just following rules, and most importantly, they can’t sprinkle magical powder to undo it.

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