Group Video Calling is now available in Messenger


In the middle of 2016, Messenger released and made a new pillar when they plot out their group voice calling to be available to their users.  A lot of people enjoyed it, maybe because of the fact that they can now start and call multiple people in Facebook/Messenger groups.  Before 2016 ended, the Messenger team made a new impression that literally made users and subscribers jump out of joy – they introduced the group video calling feature in Mid-December last year.

As more and more people are starting to use Messenger, the team decided that maybe they should take it up a notch.  If you have been with us for a long time, I am pretty certain that you read what we’ve posted a few months back about group voice calling.  In that exact post, we projected that maybe group video calling would be the next big feature that Messenger will release is group video calling – look where we are now.  With over 245 million people video-calling every month, they are bringing the one-on-one video chats to multiple video chats that would run all around the world.

The new group video chat is so easy to use.  You can see up to six (6) people at a time.  If you think that this is not sufficient, well worry no more because up to 50 friends can join in and they can choose to just listen or join via voice or be on camera.  The way they choose who can show up is based on who is the most dominant speaker is – that  is who is being shown to all participants.

What do I need?  How can I have this new feature?

You may be asking… How can I have this new feature?  Of course, you would need a smartphone, a wifi connection (good wifi because a slow connection can ruin your chat), and of course, the latest version of Messenger.  One way to tell that you are in the latest version of Messenger is when you see that you have the blue button at the middle of the homepage of messenger (when you see the list of messages that you have sent or received with the people you have contacted) yes, just like the layout of Snapchat except for the messages.

So when you know that you have all of this, you can just go and enter an old group conversation or you can start a new conversation.  From then on, you can go to that group conversation, go to the top-right side of the conversation page, click on the video calling button and wait for your friends to join in.

One good feature is that you can have 3D masks and facial designs to make your group calling experience more fun and interesting.

Messenger brought it up a notch by bringing in group video calling available for its users.  It has 3D masks and different designs to back your experience up.  Have you tried this new feature?  Update your messenger and try this now.

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