Top 5 Amazing and Useful Android Travel Apps


Got a smartphone! Then while you’re planning a holiday or travelling for business, you’re definitely going to need some useful travel apps.

There are several good Android travel apps available in the market for every globe-trotter. These travel applications can help make your trip effortless.  From knowing about travel itineraries, to searching a place for somewhere to eat and so on, these applications will be your definitive guide to provide you the most expedient expedition possible.

Top 5 Travel Android Apps

1. TripIt 


Tired of digging through the paper itineraries to organize your travel? Well, now you can avoid such hassle with TripIt. This free Android app is available for Android 2.1 and upper versions.

TripIt can be your ultimate travel organizer that links to your e-mail account and selects every confirmation number related to your travel reservations that comes into your inbox.  Right from your flight, to hotel, and even dinner reservation that holds a confirmation number will be placed into a structured itinerary, all in one place with TripIt.  The best part is that you’ll be updated automatically about the flight delays and any last-minute changes being sent to your mail.

2. Evernote


The moment you’ve booked your trip, you’ll be going to need a place to hoard all the e-mail confirmations, list of packing items, suggestions from acquaintances and more. Evernote is a brilliant app that helps you keep track of your ideas and travel related notes, and thereby save you from spending your valuable time in juggling pieces of paper. Evernote can be your ideal travel journal.

3. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a fantastic app that lets you explore the best vacation places and hotels. This app provides solutions to all your travel related issues and problems. What Else? Trip Advisor provides complete details and information regarding the place where you are planning to travel – be it selecting the right flight, hotel and much more.

The best thing about this app is that besides studying about the varied travel places, you can also view the images of the place. The app provides a wide number of travelers opinions about their experiences of the places that you might want to visit – you’ll get a lot of choices to choose one that meets your taste and budget.



This is another free to use travel app for Android users. Every person before travelling, in general, searches for numerous sites to find the best travel deals. But wouldn’t it be great if you get the advantage of searching all your needs at one place. With, KAYAK you can compare hundreds of travel sites to find the best deal in favor of your travel needs.

Here’s a list of a few more features of this app:

    • Search and compare the best flights, hotels and car rental deals.
    • Helps to book the hotel, flight or car rental deal, of your choice.
    • Helps to check out your flight status.
    • Provides itinerary management.
    • Let you search for flight numbers and airport information.

5. Postagram


Often while travelling there are moments that you’ll want to share with your friends and family. Still thinking of the antiquated method of sending tourist postcards to friends and loved ones? Snap out of it! Try Postagram instead, a fun app that lets you takes a photo and helps to send your own postcard to any person in the world.  What’ll you need to do is to provide the e-mail address of the receiver from your Android device, and the app will send your travel photography via the mail.


Whether you are a well-planned traveler or first-time traveler, aforementioned is a list of top 5 Android applications that’ll prove to be useful for your travel related queries and needs.

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