Things to Consider if you’re Looking for Best Gaming Laptop


Gaming enthusiasts or gamers as they would like to be called generally prefer to enjoy the best moments of their game play only on the gaming consoles such as Playstation or X-box. However, if you are a crazy gamer and also travel a lot, you would wish you could continue playing your favorite games while travelling too. The only answer is to go for the Best Gaming Laptop.

Graphics Card

As you would be already aware, the key to enjoying your video game is the graphics card. The graphics cards on the market that you should choose are from the Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M or AMD Radeon HD 8870M. There are other graphics cards available; however, you will have to do a thorough exercise in matching its features with the requirements mentioned in your games’ manual.



The next critical component in choosing the Best Gaming Laptop is the processor. The processor in your laptop has to be the latest third-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 or equivalent.

Screen size: To get the best out of a gaming experience, you would want the screen size to be as big as possible. The screen size has to be at least 15 inches. If it doesn’t bother you in any other way (ease of carrying, etc.) you can look for gaming laptops of up to 18 inches.


The ideal screen resolution would be 1920×1080 having a full HD support and an anti-glare feature. You have to also look for the laptop that can play your games at 30 to 35 fps (frames per second).

Storage and Memory Capacity

A DDR RAM of 8GB and above, probably 16GB is the ideal memory speed you should be looking for in the Best Gaming Laptop. And a hard disk of 500 GB is also the norm.

Keyboard and Touchpad

While there might not be any special requirements as far as the keyboard is concerned, for playing games on a laptop, the track pad is definitely crucial and has to show the amount of sensitivity so that your game play experience is not disturbed because of it. However, the mouse is always the option; most gamers might choose.

Speakers and Sound

Sound is very integral to any video game and though a headphone option will always be available, the provision of special speakers will add spice to the whole game-play feeling.

Cooling System

It is normal to witness the laptop heating up quickly when playing games. It is, therefore, essential that the cooling system provided with the laptop matches up to keep it cool.

However, you will also have to keep in view that when you have a larger screen and a hugely powerful graphic card, and you are playing games on your laptop; the battery would not last for long and before you realize, you would start looking for a power socket to recharge the battery.


This could be the clinching factor. Once you are looking at the features to make you enjoy the game play without losing any element that you would have associated with your gaming console or even the PC, then, with all such unique features, you have to be prepared to pay a fancy price for the Best Gaming Laptop.

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