The Commissions on Elections (COMELEC) Website, introduces a Precinct Finder facility to verify the status of our registration record. By simply providing complete name and date of birth, we can easily see the status of our record online.

This can be accessed anytime and anywhere provided that you have an Internet connection. In the old days you need to visit or call the local COMELEC offices if you want to inquire about your status.

This online service from Commission on Election can answer some of your questions like; Am I already registered? What is the status of my registration record? Does my record have biometrics data? What is my precinct number? Or where is my polling center?

But, please take note that the records in online verification status that we can access online today is updated as of the last July 20, 2015 ERB hearing, which approved (or disapproved) applications filed on or before June 30, 2015.

This means that if you filed your application after June 30, 2015, do not expect your record to be found (or updated). For overseas voters, this instruction is not for you, you can use the Post Finder instead.

To make it easy for you, I’m preparing an easy to follow steps with screenshots, just follow along.

  1. Go to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) official website.
  2. On their Homepage hover your mouse to “Voter Registration” menu, then click “Online Status Verification” in the dropdown. See the screenshot.Verify voters status online step 2
  3. You will be directed to “Online Status Verification” Page, click “Precinct Finder” to verify voters status online step 3
  4. Under “Precinct Finder” Page, Provide your Full Name, Date of Birth. Don’t forget to click the box beside “Hindi ako isang robot”.Howt to verify voters status online step 4
  5. You can see “check mark” under CAPTCHA verification. Now click “Search”.how to verify voters status online step 5
  6. You will ask to continue search? Just click “OK” to confirm.How to verify voters status online step 6
  7. That’s it. You can now review your Voter Information and Registration Details. You can also check if your Biometrics Data is complete.How to verify voters status online step 7

In accordance with the new law under Republic Act No. 10367 all voter registration records must have biometric information. All concerned is given until October 31, 2015 to comply with this requirement.

According to the Comelec “the absence of biometrics in the voter’s registration record would cause to deactivate the registration records. When that happens, the concerned voter shall not be allowed to vote in the May 2016 elections.”

For more information about Precinct Finder you may send an e-mail to: [email protected]

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