Useful TESDA Courses that Gives Rewarding Income

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The Technological Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)  is the government agency tasked to manage and supervise technical education and skills development (TESD) in the Philippines. It formulates labor and skills plan, set appropriate skills standards and tests, coordinates and monitors manpower policies and programs.

Today, TESDA has developed into an organization that is responsive, effective, and efficient in delivering numerous services to its clients. To accomplish its multi-pronged mission, the TESDA Board has been formulating strategies and programs geared towards yielding the highest impact on manpower development in various areas, industry sectors, and institutions.

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TESDA has been a great help for people who did not had the opportunity to obtain bachelors degree or finished their studies. With TESDA, you can have certification after your desired skills training and you can use it right away to start your career in business or employment. The following TESDA courses have high probability in improving ones’ life and career.

Computer Systems Servicing

TESDA Computer-Repair

The Computer System Servicing is a program to help develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a Computer Service Technician. Furthermore, it will cover basic and common competencies as far as computer is concern. In this course, one will learn installing, maintaining, configuring, and diagnosing computer systems and network.

In this era of new technologies, everywhere we go, we are bound by computers and in fact, every household has it. When it fails, only a handful has the knowledge in troubleshooting; to make it work again.

Learning this skill could give you a promising income. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need much resource to start. You can use your TESDA certificate in offering your services.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Service

This is one of the most sought after-course because it can promise rewarding income – both here and abroad. Air-conditioning units require regular maintenance and having a TESDA HVAC certificate could find you a job with very attractive income.

Even though the requirements are getting a bit tough, a lot of people are still finding ways to become certified Refrigeration and Air-conditioning technicians. Through the years, this position can lead you to be “in-charge” for the repair and installation of various HVAC units. It’s a bit harder because of the technology advancement; such as computer operated control system which is also applied to new models of air-conditioning unit. If you’re an RAC technician way back, there’s a possibility that you can no longer cope with this technology; with new models of air-conditioning unit – whether the latter uses neoprene washers to avoid leak or not – the two are different. However if you you become proactive and study TESDA courses for Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Unit, you might be able to learn.

Microsoft Online Courses

This Microsoft online course that TESDA offers has been opening great opportunities to computer savvy people. In this course, one can learn new skills that can be use to start a business; furthermore, offer the services to others through certificates acquired on the web.

This course could help a person gain knowledge through their syllabus, Game Development. This includes:

  • Game Production Basics
  • Developing 2D Games with HTML
  • Developing 2D and 3D Games with Unity

Through this you can learn how to generate a website or create games and apps. After completing this course, you’re sure to achieve excellent income potential especially if you can create games that could capture the hearts and minds of the people. In addition to that, part of the program is also Software Development Fundamentals and C# Fundamentals for Beginners.

Food and Beverage Servicing

A vast majority of fast food chains and restaurants are hiring people who has TESDA certificates in Food and Beverage Servicing; both here and abroad. A TESDA certificate could be a game-changer for everybody since many establishments worldwide favors those who are TESDA-certified. Completing Food and Beverage training could pave your way for better income opportunities everywhere around the world.

The qualification of this course consists of competencies that a person must achieve. This is to provide food and beverage service to guests in various facilities like hotels, motels, clubs, canteens, resorts, and luxury liners. A person who achieves this qualification and gets awarded aNational Certificate (NC) is competent to be employed as:

Waiter and Food and Beverage Service Attendant – This covers knowledge, skills, and attitude required to receive and handle guest concerns, promote food and beverage products, prepare dining room/restaurant area for service, and take orders.

Bus Boy – This one however covers knowledge, skills and attitudes required to buss out and clean soiled dishes  and;

Room Attendant – It covers knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to receive and handle guest concerns, promote food and beverage products, and provide room services to guests.

Massage Therapy

This course can make a person perform or achieve:

  • Client consultation,
  • Perform body massage and;
  • Maintain and organize tools, equipment, and supplies in the work area

After a tiring day, everyone needs a relaxing massage. Almost everyone are willing to pay for the skillful hands that could render it to them. Completing and passing TESDA training for Massage Therapy could make you a professional massage therapist. This means higher income as well. One can perform any of the following types of massage after completing the course:

1. Swedish massageThis covers the lessons on different strokes and manipulations used in full body Swedish massage.

2. Shiatsu MassageCovers the lessons on different strokes and manipulations used in full body Shiatsu massage.

3. Thai Massage – Lastly, this covers the lessons on different strokes and manipulations used in full body Thai massage.

Cellphone Servicing

TESDA Cellphone-Repair

Almost 80% of Filipinos have cellphones nowadays; some even own two or more. Yes, mobile phone users are rising. Just like computers and any other gadget, mobile phones also goes through the wear-and-tear process and could need service within months after acquisition. Having the skills to put them back to life again is a promising job; it could also have a promising salary especially if you completed the TESDA Cellphone servicing course.

The curriculum/syllabus for this course includes:

Module 1 – The Cellular Phone Technician

  • What is a Cellular Phone Technician file?
  • Working Environment file
  • Opportunities

Module 2 – How the Cellular Phone Works

  • What is a Cellular Phone?

Module 3 – Basic Electronics

  • Introduction to the soldering file
  • What is a Circuit Board file?
  • How to solder

Module 4 – Performing Diagnostic and Repair

  • Introduction Diagnostic and Repair file
  • Hardware Problems

Since the growth of people with insufficient education in the Philippines is increasing due to poverty, TESDA offers courses that can be very useful. These courses can lead to a job that is high in demand and that can let you fly across the globe!

There’s no need to have enough knowledge or caliber if you’re planning to work abroad. Also, you don’t need to finish school from a very expensive school. You can just choose one from the courses listed; the one you believe you can excel and do extremely well. Just arm your passion with determination and you can achieve anything. They can guide you in fulfilling your dreams.

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