Are you aware that your own bank is charging you for every transaction you do with another bank’s automated teller machine (ATM)? Yes, you heard that right.

Well, if you’re not aware, you should be cautious. Why? You might be shocked when you see charges on your account which you do not remember. Although they charge you for every transaction, a withdrawal transaction is charged differently from a normal balance inquiry. 

The charge can amount to P15.00 for every withdrawal transactions; and P2.50 when you do balance inquiry.

Note that different banks have different charges; that’s what this article is all about.

Listed below is a chart that dictates how much your bank charges you for every interbank transaction you make.

Bank Name

Withdrawal Charges

Balance Inquiry Charges

Bank of the Philippine Islands  (BPI) P15.00 P1.50
Banco de Oro (BDO) Unibank Debit Card P11.00 P2.00
Banco de Oro (BDO) Unibank Cash Card P11.00 P2.00
Banco de Oro (BDO)  Smart Money P11.00 P2.50
East West Bank P10.00 P1.00
Citibank Philippines None None
Citibank Savings None None
China Bank Savings P15.00 P2.00
Metrobank P11.00 P2.00
Land Bank of the Philippines P10.00 P1.00
Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) P14.00 P2.00
Security Bank P10.00 P1.00
UnionBank of the Philippines P12.00 P2.00
Chinatrust Commecial Bank (CTBC) P12.00 P2.00
MayBank Philippines P11.00 P2.00
Sterling Bank P10.00 P1.00
Development Bank of the Philippines P10.00 P1.00
United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) P15.00 P2.00
Asia United Bank (AUB) P11.00 P2.00
BPI Family Savings Bank P15.00 P1.50
Allied Bank P12.00 P2.00
Philippine Veterans Bank P12.00 P2.00

To summarize, some banks debit as low as P10.00 while some charge P15.00. However, banking-giants like Citibank won’t charge you for anything.

NOTE: The charges here are deducted on your account. The banks listed is the representation of your ATM card not the ATM itself. So to narrate it, if you use your Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) card elsewhere, expect a P15.00 deduction (for withdrawals) and P1.50 (for balance inquiry)

Now that you know how much you are being deducted for each transaction in another bank, use it as an advantage. Of course, your bank is not scattered throughout the Philippines. There are some areas that won’t have your bank around so you have no other options.

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In addition to that, Banco De Oro (BDO) and  Metrobank has inter-branch fees.

What is an inter-branch fee?

The inter-branch fee is the fee debited from your account when you perform over-the-counter transactions from a different branch from which you opened your account.

Let me give you a concrete example; you opened your XXXX bank account in Metro Manila a month from now. Currently, you are in Cebu and you need to perform over-the-counter transactions. Since you are performing that OTC transaction from a DIFFERENT branch, you are subject to this charge.

What are the banks that incur this inter-branch fee?

As of now, the only banks that incur these charges are Banco De Oro (BDO) and Metrobank. 

The inter-branch fee of Metrobank are as follows:

Deposit: P50.00


  • P50, 000.00 –  below – P50.00
  •  P50, 000.00 – P500, 000.00 – P100.00
  • P500, 000.00 – P1M + – P750.00

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The BDO rule however, is quite different.

Deposit: P50.00


  • Regional (Province-to-Province) – P200.00
  • Intra-regional (Metro MNL-to-Province) – P100.00

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As of the moment, only these two (2) banks are subject to inter-branch fees. We’ll continue updating this post if we receive notifications or updates.

Now that you know the following fees, use them as a guide for you to avoid charges and other fees that might be incurred in your account.

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