Known to be the 2nd largest bank in the Philippines, Metrobank gets its deals from the benefits, features, and characteristics that it offers. It was founded in the 5th of September, 1962 and it recently just received an award for being one of the best banks in the country. A lot of people believe and use Metrobank because they know that their money is safe with it. In this article, we are going to feature how you can apply for a Metrobank Bank Account.

Just like any other banks, Metrobank requires potential members to give out a few documentations before they proceed to relay their services. The requirements that you will be needing are:

Step 1

Proceed to the nearest Metrobank branch where you would be comfortable to go to in claiming your ATM card. Aside from this, also consider the things that would require you to process updates and transactions at the bank where you applied.

Step 2

Inside the Metrobank branch, you will see a section called New Accounts and ask for a new bank account application form. An account officer will then hand you the application form and other fors that you have to fill up there.

Step 3

After successfully filling it up, they will hand to you a deposit slip/receipt with your account number printed on it. They will then ask you for the minimum initial deposit which is P2, 000.00

Step 4

You have to wait for at least 5-7 banking days to claim your Metrobank ATM card from where you have applied. Upon claiming it, be sure to present your deposit slip and at least one (1) valid ID.

Important Points to Remember:

  • The normal Metrobank e-Teller ATM Card has a required maintaining balance of P2, 000.00
  • Passbook Savings with ATM – P10, 000.00
  • OFW e-Teller ATM – waived
  • AccountOne with ATM – P25, 000. 00
  • SSS Pensioner ATM – 00

Failure to comply with the maintaining balance will charge you P300. 00 per month on the different types of accounts listed above except for the OFW e-Teller ATM. This type of account is exempted from both the maintaining balance and the penalty.

In order for you to experience good-quality banking, be sure to apply your account to online banking which will be a separate article.

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Now that you know how to apply for a Metrobank ATM bank account, what are you waiting for? Metrobank has tons of features that can greatly benefit you. Head on to the nearest Metrobank now and apply.


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