How to share Screenshots with Caption easily


Sharing screenshot on the internet nowadays has become easy and very convenient with the availability of screencasting software and websites where you can easily share online without saving in your local disk drive.

In this  post I will share with you a very useful free software that will make your sharing more fun. TechSmith an Okemos, Michigan based company is a creator of some popular screen capturing and recording software like Camtasia and Snagit also created Jing.

Jing by TechSmith can capture any part of your screen, add some annotations or comment for your intended receiver and share the link.

To begin using this free software, follow the instructions below.

  1. Download Jing at the official website of TechSmith, click “Free Download” button at the top-right part of the to share capture screenshot with caption easily
  2. Select which Operating System (OS) you are using.How to share capture screenshot with caption easily step 2
  3. After you download Jing, install it like a normal app or programs by following the on screen instructions.
  4. When finished installing, run it, you will see a sun like icon docking at the top-center of the screen if you’re windows user or at the top-right corner if your Mac to share screenshot with caption easily step 4
  5. Jing is always available on your screen when running, to capture the screen, simply hover Jing icon and select “Capture” top most part of three icons.How share screenshot with caption easily step 5
  6. Your mouse will turn into a selection tool, click and drag to select which part of the screen you want to capture. When you release small menu will appear, select “Capture an Image” icon.How to share screenshot with caption easily step 6
  7. After you click capture image, the selected part of the screen will open in a popup screen with additional controls on the left side. This control you can use to add annotation on your capture image.How to share screenshot with caption easily step 7
  8. When you have finished adding captions on the screenshot and you want it to share, click the share icon at the bottom. It will automatically upload your image to, just wait a few seconds to finish the upload.How to share screenshot with caption easily step 8
  9. When it’s done a small confirmation window will popup confirming the upload are finished and the link to that image is ready to be pasted anywhere online.
    How to share screenshot with caption easily step 9

That’s how easy to share screenshot using Jing by TechSmith. For more tips and tutorials don’t forget to subscribe and follow my blog.

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