Increase the Range of WiFi Adapters of a Laptop Computer for up to 500m Radius


Having a good WiFi receiver on your laptop computer is a start on having a good internet connection. Getting a good signal reception of your router transmission signal can boost internet speed.

But if you are very far from the access point or the router you cannot get a hundred percent signal strength using the built-in WiFi network adapters.

A simple solution that can be found in my previous post, is to add a parabolic reflector using aluminum foil to focus the signal where the receiver device or your laptop are placed.

But, if you don’t have access on the router where you can add that aluminum foil to boost the signal, the other solution is to increase the range of WiFi adapters installed on your laptop.

To increase the range of WiFi adapters of a laptop computer for up to 500m radius, you need to add a device called a USB Wireless network adapter with external antenna.

Using this kind of WiFi adapter you can easily position the antenna to wherever you want where the signal strength is high.

You can even put the antenna outside, when you do this you will notice that even the wireless network with a hundred meters away you will see.

Where to Buy USB Wireless network adapter

If you’re interested to buy a USB Wireless adapter, I will recommend Alfa AWUS036H available in 2dBi or 5dBi Antenna. You can check your favorite computer store or buy online at Amazon
or lazada.

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