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Filipinos are most commonly known to be good speakers of the English language.  That’s why a lot of us tend to look for jobs that utilize these skills of ours like call centers, front desks, etc.  Probably one of the most uncommon and unnoticed jobs that use English-speaking skills is a teacher.  No, not the regular teacher in schools and academies but professors or instructors of foreigners who are trying to learn the language.

ESL or English as a Second Language is a course applied to by many foreigners who seek skill and mastery of the language.  They may have different purposes of learning the language but all students have just one same goal – to be fluent and to be comprehensible and comfortable in using the language for conversations, business-related topics, and communication.

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Being an ESL tutor is actually not that hard; given the fact that most Filipinos who are used to hearing the English language all throughout their daily lives, they tend to grasp the knowledge easily.  But what are the things that you need in order for you to become an effective and efficient ESL teacher?

Create value in the market

Now most people would think that in order for them to be qualified, they have to be graduates of English Majors or any kind of program that deals with English.  As a matter of fact, people who are from a different field are somewhat more helpful because they can send the signal that the students they are teaching can learn English as well even though they aren’t English majors.  Establish your credentials; be sure to project that you are familiar with the language even though you haven’t focused on that field.

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Compose your online portfolio

One of the things that potential clients will look at is your portfolio.  That is the place where they can check and assess whether a certain tutor or instructor can properly supply them with the things they need or not.  This is why you should make time in creating yours because it will be one of the foundations of getting clients and students.  One good tip is to start it by creating a blog and by showcasing how you use the language.  If you impress potential clients, then you can now then offer your services.

Advertising is key

You have the internet is actually equal to “you have the world.”  You can use your social networking accounts to spread the word about your services and to let everyone know of what you do.  Create a blog, let it be known, and be the boss of everything.  Utilize your connections; contact some friends abroad who might have an idea of what you do.

Establish relationships with other ESL teachers

Every industry has competition but that doesn’t mean that all other teachers are your enemy.  Joining groups or communities can help you expand your network and can open opportunities that can lead you to getting clients as well.  Most groups would introduce career opportunities, freelancing gigs, and tutoring services so joining groups is actually a good bet for everyone.

Invest in high-quality material

Of course for this job, you would need a reliable internet connection, a laptop, a webcam, a microphone, and a decent pair of headphones.  You also need to locate your office at a place where noises can be kept low.  Invest in material that can last long and that can give you easier jobs because imagine getting yourself a pair of not-so-good-quality headphones and you will have a hard time hearing your client.  Wouldn’t that be too much of a hassle for you?

Develop and improve your skills and your career

Of course, you can’t just want to be where you are forever, correct?  You would also want to have better  rates, improve at what you are doing, and of course, you want career growth to be in your pipeline.  Try and look at things as if you’re just being basic.  Get yourself in a mindset that you need to improve in order to be better and who knows in the future, you might be one of the most well-known tutors in your time.

As of now, a lot of people use English as their second language and most examples would be for traveling.  Yes, many countries still lack common understandings of the language itself but it is the language that is used to tap people on what you want them to understand.  Study about being an English teacher and if you are confident enough, then this industry might be the best decision for you.

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