How to Close Running Apps on Android Devices to Extend Battery Life

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Did your android phone running out of battery sooner than you expected? There’s one thing that we oftenly forgot to close after we used or not exactly that we forgot, but we think that it’s already closed when we exit or minimized the apps.

This is the feature of so many smartphone today, the purpose is to easily go back to the previous apps that you have recently opened or used. That’s why it’s call recent apps, this is also good, easy and very convenient, but keeping so many apps or window in your recent items will help to drain your battery fast.

So here is a simple step to close your recent apps in android device, in this example I am using Nexus 4 device as an example.

  1. To access your recent open apps, tap on the recent button, see the screen shot.How to close running apps on android devices
  2. To easily close running apps in the recent apps, just slide the apps that you want to close from the left or right.
    How to close running apps on android devices

Additional tips how you can maximize your battery life is disabling your Wifi, Bluetooth and location access, when you’re not using. For example, if you are walking outside, you may turn off your wifi because your device keeps on searching for access point to connect, thus causing your battery to drain faster.

To turn off your wifi follow the steps;

  1. Swipe from the top to access your settings menu, or you can access your settings in any way you want, as soon as you arrive in the settings, please note that I am running Android 4.3 Jellybean in my device, my screen settings may look different than yours, see the screen shot
  2. After you swipe down, click on the control panel settings icon located at the top right part of the screen, see the screenshot.  How to close running apps on android devices to extend battery life
  3. In the control panel window, tap on the settings, see the screenshotHow to close running apps on android devices to extend battery life
  4. You will arrive to the settings window where you can turn off the Wifi, Bluetooth and anything that you want to control in your device, see the screenshotHow to close running apps on android devices to extend battery life

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