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What You Need to do if Your Birth Certificate is Hit with a Negative...

As citizens of a country, it is important that you have solid proof of your identification. Here in the Philippines, it has become an...
How to become an NBI agent

Interested In Becoming An NBI Agent? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is the subbranch of the Department of Justice that deals with the investigation of citizens. Its clearance (NBI...

Good News! Your NBI Clearance is now Multi-Purpose

Most of us know that the NBI Clearance is one form of requirement here in the Philippines. Whether you'll use it for employment purposes...
nbi clearance renewal

How to Renew NBI Clearance – Requirements and Procedure 2019

An awful lot of questions have been thrown out regarding the renewal of NBI Clearance and even me, at first am not aware of this. ...
Common Requirements by Employers in the Philippines

Most Common Requirements by Employers in the Philippines

You may think that graduation marks the end chapter of your hardships in life but you are mistaken – Graduation only starts your real...

How to Set Appointment for Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance Online

This tutorial will teach you how to apply for NBI Clearance online and set an appointment date on your selected NBI branch for capturing photo and biometrics.

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