Sassan B.

I’m Sassan, a proud mother, a political critic, technology fanatic, mobile phone enthusiast, blogger and a newbie domaineer.
Fog Computing

Fog Computing, the Next Big Thing?

Storage plays a very significant role in technology, almost every gadget, every system developed should use the storage. Anything that uses data requires storage....
Facebook Worms

Facebook Worms

Facebook's always been the first target of spammers because of its popularity and frequency of users that go online to browse, to read, to...

Sweet Eyes: Google Smart Contact Lens for Diabetics

On January 16, 2014, Google announced their latest innovation- the smart contact lens. This is not your ordinary contact lens that could either help...

3D Printing using MakerBot Replicator Mini

Who would have thought that 3D could be much more than just ink and paper? 2014 is the renaissance of brand new 3D! In...

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