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Our means of living depend on our personality and of course how much money we make. There are millions of jobs available in all of the industries; from house-workers, carpenters, salesmen to doctors, lawyers, professors, and so on. I would not be able to list down all jobs because that would take forever but one thing I can assure you – by the end of this article, you will have an idea on how you can excel at work. Yes, any work can be excelled on if you are doing the right things at the right moments so let’s cut things shorter and let us begin.

Never miss a day

I bet you that you always hear this line “Just attend to work and you will be fine.” That is true in all cases and you may ask why. Being able to show up at work not only gives you the opportunity to learn but it also shows your bosses and colleagues that you are committed to what you are doing. Even if you know for yourself that you are not that skilled in your industry, showing up at work every single day can turn that around. Remember that it is always better to coach someone for their skill, not for their attitude.

Try helping your superiors

Some might find this unlikely because some bosses do not like to seek help from their people. But almost all of the bosses I know ask the people under their tree for help when needed. Always anticipate what your department needs and lacks in order for you to suggest solutions and improvements; it is always better to have a plate full of solutions to a table full of problems. Doing this will get you corrected of course but dwelling on that sermon is not the whole point of you trying to come up with a solution.

Be confident but not too much

Truth be told – being confident is one key of leaders and it should not be mistaken for arrogance or cockiness. Try to remain positive at all times; always see the good light in the darkest of hours and this attitude and morals shall be rewarded. Should you face an obstacle that is impossible to resolve, try to look back at experiences when you were still younger and less mature; try and compare what you have become now and see the positive side of things. We are not given anything we can never handle.

Be a team player; a good one

Most professions now require someone who acquires a pretty relevant and good role inside a team. No boss would want to work with someone who just thinks of himself because being individually good can take you far, far away but being a good team player with a positive and healthy attitude will get you to places you can never imagine you could go to.

Get to know your boss

Some bosses are not really fans of keeping in touch with their inferiors outside the office. I am not suggesting that you be best of friends with your boss; it is just that, know what your boss/es likes work-wise and know how to get his gears going. Take initiatives for giving a hand, follow and be obedient at his requests, abide to rules and schedules, and the like.

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Find a mentor

You wouldn’t know ins and outs of your industry without having someone teach you that, right? Yes it is your boss’s job to expose you at what you are doing but asking for a little extra hand can get you where you want to go faster. Find and be better with someone who can extremely help with your development and you will then be just surprised at how good and positive you got.

Mentor new people at your company

After finding yourself a mentor, being one is the payback of it. You can never tell that you are good at something unless you apply what you have learned by teaching other people about it. Do you agree with me on that? All the things you have learned – may it be good or bad – are things that helped you and will probably help new and younger employees in your company. So take the time to help other people by coaching them and by mentoring them; it is for their own’s sake anyways.

Avoid cheap talks and rumors

Do not be the type of employee who everyone hates; as much as possible, try to leave gossip and personal things aside when you are at work. Be professional and mature all the time and keep certain problems or obstacles to yourself. You have friends outside your work and you have a family. Personal things have their own time so let it be. Do not let problems affect your career and it should start by you keeping your mouth shut at all times.

Excelling at your line of profession is of course not an easy task. Just the mere fact of you being able to attend to work every single day is not as easy as the alphabet. The best thing to remember is to love what you are doing and to have the mindset of improvement every time you set foot inside your office. Have a positive attitude toward your profession and that should be easy going from then on.

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